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Eels Help needed

Where to start? Downloaded Wonderfull Glorious and have Daises but where do I go from here? How've I managed to over look such a talent. So how about a top ten to introduce me to them please?

Surprised none of you are Eels folk. Only got one taker on the other board. Hmmm

I like em.

I think Foo Whiter is a big Eels fan, shame he hardly visits us on here.

Eels seem like a band I should be in to but have never got round to it.
smiling badger

Beautiful Freak is a half decent album.
Guess its the one with the more well known songs on it. Havent progressed on from there and not really sure why not.
Now i've read this post i may have to look into more of their other stuff.
Late Doors

One of those bands I find interesting and listenable but try as I have I can't get totally on board with them. Same with Nick Cave. Got Electric shock blues (or something like that) and Beautiful freak. Will give them a listen today, maybe get a fresh perspective.

I think I read an interview with the main lad saying what a pull on women his beard is. Whenever I hear a bloke bragging about women I start to hate them for some reason and I let that skew my opinion of their music. Wrong I know but true
Late Doors

 *does linky finger thing with Badge and makes a wish*
Frazier Cranium

Bought a couple of their albums at Crash before Christmas.  Good band from what I've sampled.
Late Doors

So i put Electro Shock Blues on this morning. MrsD goes Oooh you havent played this for a while, you used to like it. Y'know what? she's damm well right, i did, and do, terrific album, every track is quality all umpteen of them. Will give Beautiful Freak a go this aft
Frazier Cranium

The singer sounds very much to me like Athlete's, who I also like but they're not as good as t'Eels. Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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