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Can't believe we haven't a thread already.Every time im in this wonderful city i understand why so many want to leave the union. Of course they might be bankrupt by now if they had due to oil prices but at least they'd still have that celtic charm and soul. Ive said it before but there is something reassuringly pleasent about the normal state being of yer average Scott (Irish and Welsh come to that) that seams to have been lost in England. Manners, respect and other normal characteristics across all specters just seem commonplace. Massive generalisation i know but i always have that impression especially when im there.

Went up for a familly christening which of course is a euphemism for massive piss up. The Belfast contingent make massively sure of that. Jeez, i like a pint but they are in a different dinemsion

Its about six degree's colder though and a couple of week behind the seasons but hey, heat is overrated anyway. The buildings never cease to please the eye especially the multitude of older Geargian, Victorian and even Edwardian grander structures. The lower light gives everything a slightly different, more intense spectrum of colours and the air is fresh. Yep, ace place. Forum Index -> Strange plaices
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