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Late Doors

Ed Byrne LBT

Funniest straight up main stream comedian going these days. A sellout crowd at the LBT as well which was great to see. His regular slot on MTW obviously boosting his popularity if not his credibility.

He did a warm up for the support act, a self confessed sexually confident thirty odd year old women with bingo wings and a penchant for the drink. She was quite good but needed a little more warmth for this gig.

Then Ed finished things off with the last hour. He manages to dive into common areas of comedy, relationships, Parenting, illnesses, bankers, ukip, current trends etc without getting synonymous with anything.

Sometimes it feels like he is just ambling along with the crucial element of being very funny and likeable a happy coincidence. There isn't a particular theme, audience participation is minimal even though we were invited. There was the usual one village idiot making a prick of himself and nobody else fancied risking the same. He dealt with that effortlessly and with style by simply absorbing it into the script.

He also has a particular gift for analysing the throwaway statement and disseminating it before throwing it back at the offender in a pile of barbed wire riposte. Some moments were triumphantly funny, not just comical but also victories for good. The finale brilliantly defining what i mean. Top comedian, sharp, amiable, relevant and very funny.

Ellen went to watch him last week, said she laughed all the way through.

He's a bit of an outdoor enthusiast too, which is great in my book.

I love EB. Him, Dara O Briain, and Patrick Kielty. Very funny Irishmen. Would love to catch him live. Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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