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Late Doors

Easter Dregs

If not exactly thick and fast the Easter schedule of games certainly came thick and slow. Possibly the worst back to back games I've ever seen, certainly the least enjoyable away win I've ever endured. At least with the Barnsley game we had a good day out. Got the Sheffield crawler train from Lockwood for the 50 minute trip to Barnsley central and we were in the splendid Acorn Brewery pub the No 7 for just gone noon. A most pleasant couple of hours flew by before the walk through town up to the ground, scene of many a taught moment or two in the past.

We had briefed our Barnsley mate in the pub to relax and enjoy the three points if they heard the words Austin and Hunt in the line up. At least we had a fighting chance when the team was announced we thought as the pair were conspicuous by their omission. Certainly the Leeds fans were already in a curious collective mood. Young uns clambering onto the overhead structures  under the stand to conduct the vociferous choir beneath whilst  filmed with dozens of phones, or police informers as i like to call them. It was the usual end of season malarkey and i hoped our heroes on the field above us weren't in similar mode.

The game kicked off with the lads attacking our end as a yellow smoke bomb emitted its toxic looking cloud behind the goal.

I'm not going to give the usual detail on account of it being drivel and i can't be bothered piecing it together. We had a good shape but Barnsley's one lone striker suggested Mr Wilson of the opposition had not realised we were there for the taking and not to send them down as the away crowd sang joyfully.

Thankfully the players weren't quite on the beach yet as we produced some good early tackles and challenges whilst defending with purpose. Ross then treated us to some rare joy with a sublime touch and finish from a good Smith flick on to put us into the lead with the promise of more.

Alas it was to be the only moment of quality from either side. Barnsley were more intent on getting Tonge and Brown booked than getting the equaliser. Whilst the latter needs no encouragement on that score he also conspired to put in some atrocious passing in every direction. Both teams wasted their numerous free kicks and both completely incapable of bringing the ball forward.  

Half time was more of the same shenanigans under the stand and Barnsley commenced the second half adding third rate diving and falling over to their dull repertoire. We were no better, lacklustre and no desire, even our better players were in second gear going through the motions. A couple of shinned passes from us produced some pathos comedy and Barnsley fired a couple of speculative shots wide. It was all so very dreary but the atmosphere was good with the whites in good voice. Nothing from the home fans though as if they were already resigned to relegation after three years  of toil.

The mid stages of the half saw us string some decent passing together as we took control and dominated the game without producing anything special. Barnsley kept with their negative formation and got what they deserved. Nothing, and that's not a gloat.

The game petered out, some funny songs, no real celebration, Ross taking boos from the home fans as he lingered on the grass and we left for the early train to the sounds of wear your tracksuit every week directed at BMcD.

The Forest game was a different kettle of fish. Pure unadulterated drivel. From pre match team announcement you just knew what the outcome was going to be. There cant have been a single Leeds fan in the crowd who didn't wish they were elsewhere enjoying the bank holiday sunshine. If the tea time kick off didn't spoil the day the utter incompetence of manager and players did. Expect most saw it on telly so no need for any micro account. The thing about diamonds is their hardness through to the core. Only we can produce a hollow one that forest cut through with painful ease. It was game over officially after 12 minutes although the writing was on the wall with the  team set up. There was post match talk of Smith being tired, poor lad. Why put Rudy up there when only days earlier BMcD was lamenting how Murphy had been playing out of position all season. Brown and a couple of other players seemed to be making some point by clapping Hunt off and to be fair he did work hard as the now clichéd saying goes. That said, so would a sweating Lee Evans, with as much effectiveness.

In no way is this culpable for the result and i haven't had the benefit of tv but that must be the most bizarre refereeing performance I've seen ina long while. The twit didn't seem to be aware of the most basic rules and seemed to lose control and concentration throughout. If only we had good refs we'd be in in the play offs eh? Joke klaxon.

There can't be any BMcD supporters left can they? MDM was his last i think and he jumped ship on Monday. Its too late now to give him a chance with a fresh start, a mini clear out and new players. He just hasn't  shown he can play any hand he's dealt in any situation. Pity really, he has shown us that he's a decent lad but there is one  doubt that's niggling me. Is he deliberately creating a pay off situation? The charity in me says not but it would certainly explain a few things.
Frazier Cranium

It's not a matter of being a fan of the manager or not with me, I just think any manager on the planet would have struggled under such shit circumstances thanks to Bates/GFH and finally the saviour Cellino.  I'm not defending McDermott just for the sake of it, he has made some mistakes and odd choices, but i would like to see a 'clean slate' for the new season, and if he is still not doing a good enough job by winter then yes get a new manager in.  Cellino has said McDermott will definitely be here next season, and he's not one for fibbing

Two for the price of one!

Saw a clip of McCormack's goal. If he'd been playing for Liverpool/Chelsea etc the football press would be creaming their jeans over him.

He and Smith have formed a half decent partnership. It's been goals against that's been the problem this season, not goals for.
Late Doors

Hmm, That's generous you two, I think at best he's tried to be too nice. He's shielding Stewart and Mowatt from the anguish and sticking his experienced stronger ones in positions they aren't too comfortable in and that's not necessarily a bad thing. They'll tough it out because they are that type of character. He isn't using Murphy to his maximum and why  he can't work things out with Norris maybe we will never know.

His attacking options and permutations are what baffle me coupled with the way he is clearly telling the team to attack. He's tried all sorts of things but mainly leaving an isolated front man be that Smith, Ross or Hunt with all sort of weird and not so wonderful winger deployments. Pugh, white, Pelts and Sam have never been integrated into things and having Rudy in the hole is as wrong as one in the hole can get. Dunno if he's responsible for the incredible transformation of Z from a model of reliability to plonker but I'm sure his man management is leaving things to be desired. He hasn't integrated his boys with Warnock's at all and every player looks like it's their debut.

Our midfield gets out gunned no matter who he plays there and who we play. Never had we had any fluency across the park or box to box and that to me comes directly from how he sets them up. He plays narrow when we should be wide and vice versa.

Our full backs seem reluctant to press even when the opportunity is begging and the game demanding it. The players lack confidence let alone any swagger. All this comes from the manager. There's other issues as well he should have put right including no cohesion between the front players even though they score individual goals. They just don't play as a unit and don't know what the others are going to do. The only thing that is coming off is Smiths flick ons but Ross isn't reading them that well really. That said, if it wasn't for Ross's individual class BMcD would be gone already. That and the fact that our players have at least worked hard for the points that have kept us up.

There's been a desperate element of grinding enough points to avoid relegation since the melt down that maybe explains the dull dreary football but that can't fully explain the absence of supporting midfielders to join the sparse attack, the woeful shooting, the lame diagonal crosses, the crap set pieces and the complete lack of movement around the man on the ball. All that comes from the training ground.

Neither has he shown any telling substitutions. He can't read a game or the opposition and therefore cant react. He's just too one dimensional obsessed with wingers and knows nothing else. I'm all for wingers if they also work hard off the ball and defend like Snoddy and Max did. Kebe tries but that other little twat had better pull his finger out next season. Can anyone remember when we had a productive last twenty minute  surge coming from behind? Christ we've had enough opportunities to do one.

Sorry, he's blown it for me and I'm not one for changing managers but this time we do need a fresh start. I'm gutted actually. Up to and including the Donny away game he was getting there and doing everything right. From Rochdale onwards its been an utter disaster. Teams have worked us out, our players aren't a unit anymore and he has shown us he us incapable of turning that around. Forum Index -> Leeds
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