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Late Doors

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Well it aint been bad has it? Hard to beat, very good manager, players playing at least to their capabilities. A fab match winner and terrific footballer, a potentially very decent signing. What could possibly go wrong ?
smiling badger

Doesn't feel right all this club and team going in the right direction for a change.
Just waiting for 'normality' to kick in again.
Sorry, sounds pessimistic but the past few years with what the club has gone through im just waiting for another kick in the teeth just around the corner.
Hopefully it doesnt come but, well, we are Leeds..
Late Doors

Doesn't feel right

True Leeds Fan
smiling badger

'Does the salute thang'

Ignores today's result.

*points out that QPR's squad are probably worth 10 times as much as ours*

It is Grayson's and Warnock's squad with bandaids on. I think we have a decent manager. Onwards and upwards.
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

how about that last second shot from Rudy? If goals like that go in they have the power to alter teams seasons
smiling badger

Agree with what has been said, Warnocks old team, QPR worth shit loads more than ours and being fresh from the Prem they are going to be a hard team to beat.
At least it was only one goal!
Lets see what LD, has to say.
Late Doors

Well I'll try and make it worthwhile then. I expect anybody interested enough will have seen it on telly so it's hardly worth writing a detailed account, sorry.

I thought we stacked up pretty well against a very decent side packed with quality players. Almost every man was a little bit better than ours in every position with some key examples. An outstanding defence, quick feet in midfield and a troublesome attack. We did really well to cope with most of that and only their defence did not get enough testing.

We worked hard everywhere chasing and closing down players and space even forcing them into several errors. We passed it long and short quite well, kept decent possession and had trust in one and other. Against a lesser team we would have worn them out eventually and grafted a result.

Warnock had the proverbial game of two halves, exceptionally well in the first but a dodgy second. Green and Murphy worked well in their respective midfield positions both taking short balls well making themselves space and distributing well. Green may have dropped too short at times in his eagerness to collect from defence. We looked borderline commanding in central defence with JP and the new lad but I do worry about the yawning gaps down the right side especially when asked to defend quickly in the break, Unless Ross peels out wide we often have no attacking options their either.

The lack of width made us tight down the middle that nullified QPR a little but restricted our attacking prowess. Ross, Varney and Hunt seemed crowded in but we were still fairly comfortable before the double substitution. In retrospect maybe that was too much to suddenly. Certainly one of Hunt or Varney needed replacing but immediately after the change we lost our shape and cohesion. This enabled QPR to thread their way through our midfield particularly SWP. In riposte we were still unable to create much better attacking opportunities until Diouff came on. We upped the pressure a little and started getting crosses in with Peltier joining the attack down the right a bit more. Our crossing is terrible though and when we do get one in with pace into the right positions we seem unable to attack the ball.

No need to be despondent though but sadly I don't think a promotion challenge is a  realistic expectation. A mere 2  million maybe  less would change that dramatically and given the money that has just changed hands this last 48 hours is a bit galling to say the least.

It is good to be at the place again though. There is certainly a more positive aura about and a belief we are getting there.

We are lacking any real quality, in the absence of Byram and Diouf.

The likes of Green and Varney aint gonna get any better as the season goes.

We realistically need some real quality bringing in to be anywhere near the top end and that looks quite unlikely.

I like the look of the manager but mid to lower table beckons.

Got three away trips coming up in quick succession, Bolton, Reading and Newcastle. We will see a truer picture by the time I have witnessed em.

I had high hopes for this season but McD's signings don't seem to have done much yet. May be they were all he could afford rather than what he wanted.

He seems to be reduced to pretty much the same team as he acquired from Colin, but is faced with the challenge of teaching them to play football.

His teams often take a while to get going, so maybe we will see an improvement by Christmas.

Green's been a big disappointment. Revered as a demi-god by both Donny and Derby fans. He has looked pretty ordinary here. Forum Index -> Leeds
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