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Duran Duran First Direct Arena Leeds

I took the lady wife to see Duran Duran on Saturday (for her birthday last June (that's when I got the tickets!)). I am not a fan of their music, but Wild Boys and Ordinary World I think are their two best songs.

She who must be obeyed, however, was/is a Durannie and she enjoyed the night.  I last took her to see them in Nottingham (2004 I think) and as an outsider, the performance in Leeds was far better than that in Nottingham. I have to say that they did put on a good show. On stage for about 2 hours  (See Heyho re Paul Weller, and my attendances at Adam Ant gigs - it seems the old hands do give very good value in the stage time aspect).

DD did their version of White Lines, which was actually very good and much better than their Nottingham gig performance.

In summary, whilst at their Nottingham gig, I sat there not really paying any real attention, because the performance and stage presence did not grab me; at Leeds on Saturday, I did watch the whole show, because it did have much more entertainment value. I think there was only one or two songs where my eyes were looking around the Arena rather than at the stage.

Of course, the arena was full of menopausal age women remembering their poster shrouded bedrooms of the early 80s and they seemed to be having a great time fuelled by the odd white wine or two!

The lights and projection effects were good which made for the entertainment for all of the "wife taxi drivers" in the arena.

Would I go again to future gigs?  With the lady wife, yes - as she enjoyed the night very much indeed. On my own - No - not my favourite music.

But if you are into their stuff, you will find it ticket money well spent.

"Middle-aged munters on film."

* Lady Dalek excepted, obviously. *
Late Doors

I remember John Peel playing Planet Earth on his show and saying it was probably the kind of thing he shouldnt like but he did. Personally i cant stand 'em if only for creating that Jacket sleeves rolled up look

Late Doors wrote:
that Jacket sleeves rolled up look

I think that was Go West

Butts wrote:
Late Doors wrote:
that Jacket sleeves rolled up look

I think that was Go West

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