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Dunder Mifflin or Wernham Hogg?

I've recently got into watching the US version of The Office, I remember panning the idea when it was first shown just because of the fact the US always adapt our shows but hell it sure knocks the socks of The Office UK.

It took me probably half a dozen episodes to get into the characters, by that I mean get the Wernham Hogg employees out of my head and replace them with the staff of Dunder Mifflin. There isn't one character that I'd replace with their British counterpart except maybe for the Finchy part that was played by Ralph Ineson but that may be down to the low appearances of the character, his counterpart in the US version I find a little bolshy as opposed to the wide boy image of Finchy but I guess that is what an American version would be like.

So who else has watched the US version and if you were in need of paper who would you call?

Dunder Mifflin. No contest.

Forest wrote:
Dunder Mifflin. No contest.

I love how they took it and just ran, it's a shame that Gervais never put more into developing the UK version as I think it deserved more than the 2 series.

I think Dwight is absolutely fabulous and Michael is a better Ricky Gervais than Ricky Gervais ever was, I cringe a lot more now than I did before. I also find  Jim a lot less creepy than Tim, he seems a more robust character whereas Tim was a bit of a wet blanket.

Depends if you want A4 or Letter.
Nyles O Cranium

I think Gervais did the right thing actually, same with Cleese with his Fawlty Towers.  

not seen enough of the US Office but what I have seen looks decent, Steve Carell's always good in what I've seen him in.

Both are decent in their own right.

I must admit I've got out of the habit of watching The Office here unless I happen to be around when it's on, but that's more to do with needing space on my DVR for other stuff I prefer (Justified, Sons of Anarchy, The League and footy).

Having worked in offices in both countries, I think they both do a good job in sending up the two cultures.

I think I agree with the limited number of UK episodes being a good thing. Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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