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Dubai World Cup 2010 (MCR)

Heralding the end of the United Arab Emirates flat season, and the start of the British flat racing season. First ever coverage of this event by Channel 4 on Saturday. Think the build up starts at 5.15pm, and the race is on at 5.45 (I think). That is all.

Runners and Riders:

Stop putting hoss racing in the sports bit.
Pond Life

I think its cruel they dress those monkeys up and make them sit on the horses.

Gio Ponti for me Dockster!
Late Doors

Stop putting MCR in the tread titles, I thought it was My Chemical Romance. Ignore those Heathens Dockman. Horse  racing is still the sport of Kings and I thank whoever that SKY aint got hold of it itů.yet  

Sky aint got the money...

bearing wrote:
Gio Ponti for me Dockster!

Good choice, but the thing with this race is they are all brilliant racehorses with brilliant form. It's hard to pick one out. Forum Index -> Sports
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