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I must admit to being a bit confused about this. The alleged incident took place on Feb 23rd and appeared to have passed unnoticed at the time.
He doesn't appear particularly aggressive on the pitch and looks reasonably well fed - seems out of character. Eight weeks seems harsh.

Are they picking on us again?

Wasn't Suarez banned for 10 games for biting Ivanovic about 3 seasons ago? (his first offence).

If he was guilty, and with the video of games now to be considered, it seems a consistent punishment.

Such foul play does not have any role in the game, no matter who does it or the level they are playing.

I think the poor discipline and standards of behavior creeping into the game over recent years are abhorrent.

The game should be physical, and I have empathy with those players who get booked and sent off for making strong challenges with every intent of playing the ball who get over-punished by refs, when clear non-sporting "incidents" take place which are punished less harshly .

I wasn't suggesting that the punishment was too harsh, but I don't understand how they concluded that he had bitten a player and why it took five weeks to establiish this.

There doesn't appear to be any evidence that the offence occurred, and there was no complaint from the club at the time.

Offences like this are usually dealt with swiftly. Maybe there is more information to come!
Late Doors

On this occasion i don't think we are being made an example of. It seems clear by all accounts he bit the player. If he did he deserves the ban. Pity Be!lusci and the keeper dont fancy a nibble or two

I guess he's off to Barcelona then.

Douk, Douk, Douk, Douk of pearl.

Surprised there's no word from the club. If they accept the decision, then he should be fined or something.

I expect we'll manage without him. Forum Index -> Leeds
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