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Donny @ home

It's been a long day!

Donny have not won away since September and in the first half we made them look like Barcelona.

Austin never put a foot right. He has the gait and posture of a man of twice his age. He only runs in straight lines. Maybe he worked for Network Rail before he became a footballer. I've seen him play four times now. He was good once, got sent off once and terrible twice. Really don't know what B Mc sees in him.
Murphy was peripheral. Always off the pace. Outfought and out-thought by their midfield.
BMc unsurprisingly subbed both at half time.

Both their goals came from fluent passing movements, the like of which we never managed all game. It's worth watching the second one, where they must have strung together 30 passes without us getting near the ball, before we gave Billy Sharp far too much room in the area.

Oddly enough, that spurred us into action and we had two good chances in injury time.

We were better in the second half. Tonge and White both made an immediate impact before fading into the anonimity that characterised the rest of the team.

Our goal was pretty standard stuff. Free kick to the largely ineffective Smith, who nodded it across for McCormack. Following that we tried unsuccessfully to beat them into submission with the usual Route 1 blunt instrument.

Only Pearce and McCormack really earned their wages (well half of them anyway).

We'd have been f*cked this season without McCormack. In fact we might be f*cked with him.

Thanks. Pretty much what has been served up for months by the sounds of it.  Just hope we get enough points on the board to escape relegation,  should administration occur.
Frazier Cranium

That's a fair report, FC.  I wasn't surprised at this being a tough game (can you even believe I've said that, about a home match with Doncaster??) though in fairness to them, they have been putting some good performances and results in of late, at Donny at least.  And the good news I glean from this result is, Donny might well be staying up.  I think we will too, but that's just because we've totted up enough points already, cos I doubt we're going to get many more this season.
smiling badger

Thanks for the report. Yep, so true about Ross Mc. We'd have been so short of goals without the ones that he has netted for us this season. You kind of feel for him for having to play along side the team he has with him.
Probably be gone come the end of the season what with him being our biggest asset.
Going to take by boy up to ER before the season is out and dont really expect him to see any better than what you had to endure on Saturday.
But then again with him being only 16 its all that he expects to see from a Leeds team of his era.
Poor little sod must curse me for introducing him to this club.

I managed to persuade my lad (aged 21 and at Uni in Leeds) to come along to the match. His first game for ten years and I reckon his last for another 10.
Apart from the game, we had a twat next to us shouting borderline racist abuse first at Austin and then at Stewart. Luckily somebody in front of him told him to pull his head in before I had to.

The midfield was woeful. All they seemed to think about when they received the ball was getting rid of it asap.

One touch (if that) and hoofed or hooked aimlessly upfield.

Throw ins were shocking. Any throw in in the opposition half and Becchio was always there demanding the ball. Sometimes he won it, sometimes he didn't, sometimes he won a foul. This lot were just hiding, trying to avoid receiving the ball in a tight situation.. Bottle seems to have gone.

Damn it. Bottle was my favourite player.

* Glares at Norfolk. *

I forgot to mention that our goalkeeper was wearing pink boots. Very fetching.

fartcatcher wrote:
I forgot to mention that our goalkeeper was wearing pink boots. Very fetching.

Too bad his hands couldn't do the same thing at shots, headers and/or crosses.

* Are you sure he wasn't playing barefoot? After all, the poor love hadn't been paid.
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

Massimo Cellino has a point - "this teeem are facking shiiiiiiit!" Forum Index -> Leeds
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