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Late Doors

Doncaster (a) championship 2013/14

Trapped in the vortex hell of the Frenchgate shopping centre panic set in as mdm and i desperately looked for the exit. We knew the Tut and Shive was next to it but getting out seemed like an episode of the prisoner. We managed but it was like that film of the Zombies in the shopping centre.

Not that different in the pub as three o'clock approached and we learned that apparently Tresor Matteo scored a great goal in the san shithole according to Lunchtime tequila and lager soaked  singing Leeds fans. Time to go and a taxi up to the ground for us two.

Quite a poignant entry onto the pitch as an injured lad from the Yorks battled his way towards the center circle on his crutches before waving one at the Leeds fans in recognition of the vocal support.

Another good turnout induced the home side to choose to attack our end in the second half and we kicked off as Peltier found touch with his first touch. We looked lively almost from the off pressuring Donny into a rushed back pass and then a throw before the linesman defied linesman convention by flagging for a foul on us. Murphy crossed too deep after picking a  ball up well before another ball into the box, this time a free kick sent straight to the keeper. It was a confident start that had Donny on the back foot immediately.

We continued to press with Ross running at them and Smith winning headers but the front two seemed too far apart. Another neat build up followed with Rudy getting a nice flick and a cross that Smith headed wide. We wasted the next break and a bout of head tennis in the middle disrupted our flow as we began to give careless balls away. However, we soon restored our control. Smith controlled well and made a good pass before Mowatt attempted a shameful dive and was lucky not to have been booked. He should have, it was pathetic.

A long clearance from Paddy  forced a corner that was won by smith before Ross headed over. Rudy maintained the pressure with a right wing surge getting a free kick. The delivery swirled into the box to be met by the diving Smith to put us 1-0 up.

Murphy halted any Donny response with a good take and pass in central midfield to set another attack up. Some terrific tight passing in their box was cleared but it was clever stuff if perhaps a tad intricate.

Play was held up while Z received treatment and Rudy incensed Donny hoofing the drop ball way up field into the corner. A pat on the head from Rudy didn't calm it down either.

Another Paddy clearance was picked up by Ross but he defied his form to waste the options around him by shooting hopelessly over. Pugh won well to quell the attempted response before donny made their first attempt on goal by heading wide and seeing their shot well blocked for a corner. We broke quickly from it but Donny in turn defended well and countered themselves. Mowatt then showed a couple of brilliant touches followed by a Rudy flick that nearly brought s second goal. By now we were completely dominating the game but needed to find that second goal. Crosses and blocked shots followed with Pugh working hard and the obligatory wayward Rudy shot over the bar. Donny did manage a break but fired their shot equally off target. Not only were we dominating possession but also closed down every bit of Donny's possession. The Half ended when we needed it to continue. Smith produced a great touch and pass before heading over the bar on the last attack. Half time and only 1-0. You just knew things were going to change in the second half.

They did. Donny kicked off and found touch (are we playing the wrong game?) Rudy collected out wide and crossed way too deep followed later by a poor ball into the box that went straight to their keeper. It signified a change in dynamic. Donny walked all over us as we seemed to lose all shape, intensity and concentration. Everything we were good at in the first half deserted us.Why does that happen?. Donny had clearly been on the end of some half time motivation. Paddy had to come out sharply to collect over hit balls and the away following sensing a shift in the game got behind the team. Waccoe emerged, slowly then faster and paddy denied Donny with a good save. The impressive Z cleared then Rudy ushered a ball out of play trying to take the sting out of Donny's assurgency. MOT rang out, you cannot fault our away following but Peltier failed to relieve the pressure with a terrible pass. The ref over ruled the linesmen who had reverted to type failing to spot a clear foul on us giving them a throw but again we only temporarily cleared our lines with a desperate hoof. Back came Donny waltzing through our central area with a ball into the box but surely he was offside? No said the linesman then yes he said as Donny were celebrating the equaliser. It looked a clear offside despite the very late flag. Apparently Peltier was playing them onside but clearly the linesman thought he wasn't interfering with play. As we all were thinking for the last 15 minutes. He wasn't the only one. Young Mowatt looked a lost soul, a fabulous talent no doubt but the lad was awol as was Murphy. Donny put a shot in just wide and the inevitable sub was made. Brown on for Mowatt.

Peltier cleared away danger as he dug in. We cleared and Z man took the ball toward their half and fed left. A little ball to Ross left him with plenty to do and he did it with aplomb tucking it past the keeper to make it 2-0 and mug the home side who looked despondent after all their pressing.

More defending to do and our three center halves were magnificent especially the new Z man, what an acquisition he is turning out to be. Twice he defended and cleared with class. Brown also helped in front of defence with some solid closing and bringing the ball away from danger.
Still Donny pressed getting a corner after some trickery from the winger but if we couldn't clear paddy was on hand to smother danger. It was a great defensive display not to be undervalued. Ross took the ball right and found Rudy with the cross who smacked it on the volley to put us 3-0 up. That is what will happen if we defend well.

3 minutes AT were announced as the stadium virtually emptied of home support and the chant of you should have played Billy Painter erupted from the delighted Leeds fans.

So a great day out and three points. Top 6 again but so what?. Barnsley coming up. They have a knack of puncturing any optimism do I'm saying nowt.

Thanks LD.

If McCormack a: stays and b: stays fit - I fancy our chances for the playoffs.

Smith has now scored more than Varney did in the whole of last season.

Rudi finally gets one on target.  
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

thanks once again for the brilliant report Late Doors


Cheers M.

Spoke to a lad Sunday who went and was just as mistyfied at us disapearing in the second half.

Thought of you two getting a panic on surrounded by pound shops made me smile.
Frazier Cranium

Great day out in Donny, and while the 3-0 scoreline flattered Leeds, it should have been wrapped up for Christmas by half time.

approximately 11 hours' drinking and i didnt have a hangover on Sunday, I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a very worrying thing.  

Thanks for the report LD, we briefly met in Tut n Shive didn't we?
Late Doors

We did Fraze, our plan was to have one in there and move on but we got esconced nicely so stayed.

The Shopping center is just left outside the station. Unbeknownst to us we could have gone a few yards straight on and found the pub. Instead we literally got trapped in there. Couldn't see the exit signs, it was as if they were deliberately trying to keep us in there and spend our money there instead of on Black Sheep. Thankfully we persevered and strode manfully on to the pub.

The subbing of Mowatt with Brown got a few hoots of derision from the crowd but it needed doing. Think MDM upset one lad telling him to feck off when he ranted on about it. I did what any mate could and pretended not to hear anything

Another great report  on a great day out.
Lost in a shopping centre in Doncaster and a underground car park in Wolverhampton :p
Some of our fans couldn't understand why we substituted Mowatt for Brown so i explained it in the MDM way.
smiling badger

Great write up. Thank you.
That mojo has definately returned.. Forum Index -> Leeds
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