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Dog Botherers away

Seem to save our best performances for them

Note Byram lobbing the goalie with an off spinner, which had it not deviated from a line would have gone wide and "The Ant"s great cross for Sharp.

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Any chance of a match report?
Frazier Cranium

Crap game, two poor teams, we possibly deserved the win but it was tight.  It was very cold.  The lad Tommy Smith who got injured/knocked unconscious near the end, received a very impressive round of sympathetic applause from virtually all fans, hone and away.

Me and my crew of 5 'took' Town's Cherry Tree pub before the game, and the Boy & Barrel pub after it

Good day out, Town fans are twats in general, end of match report
Late Doors

Well that was rather satisfying. It's not often we get anything more than we deserve against any Yorkshire team but against Town I can't think of a single other occasion. Plenty of times when the opposite has been the case mind so a little bit if payback methinks. A bit late but thought I'd give an account of the game anyway seeing as how someone else has started it.

For twenty minutes  it looked like we would cruise it such was our dominance and complete control of the game. Our midfield quintet were picking everything up and spinning out passes at will. Sam took his goal cheekily nipping on to a smart ball into the box from Murphy and all was well in the white camp behind the goal.

The uglier side of the, ahem, rivalry seems to have subsided these days but despite the early KO we managed to raise the volume even if towns split support couldn't. There are definite signs of deflation amongst the locals.

It had to happen though didn't it? A routine corner following some argy bargy in the box floated over the frankly pathetic attempts of our keeper to claim it under the minutest of pressure and we were all square again. There was a definite method in towns pressure on Silvestri. They had obviously targeted his brittle temperament and inherent weakness and rattled him. His first half kicking went completely to pieces. The new lad Bamba took one look at him when the goal went in and turned away. It was a though he instantly now knew what he had behind him and was going to adjust accordingly.

Just like other games where his mistakes have cost us the lead whilst dominating the game we visibly faded and the opposition were buoyed. Suddenly Austin was to forward, Luke too deep, Mowatt too slow, Cooke too wasteful and Sam too invisible. The work, desire and effort were still there just the cohesion and unity broke. It was towns midfield who were getting into the spaces between us and controlling the ball. Thankfully they aren't very good themselves but they still gave a test to our defence. We did well in the main at the back. But towns attacking prowess was not what i feared. Their winger was a handful and occasionally got the better of Charley but the lad coped with him fairly well i thought. Apparently he routinely roasts the opposition full backs but has no end product. Our center halves Cooper and Bamba were excellent. I think they worked out not to leave control to the keeper and usually took the uncomplicated option. Bamba was strong, intercepting most things, good on the ball and a good eye for the tackle. Impressive debut.

Apart from a Mowatt shot we finished the half lamely but relieved to be level despite the home sides ordinariness.

The second half wasn't much better. We had  two or three minor scares and it wasn't long before i thought we might go 442 taking Rudy off who i thought was dangerously near a red card. Again the dirty dog fingering Kirklees tramps were doing all they could to wind him up. Limited as he is, his strength on the ball, appetite for it and energy are key to our recent mini revival. We did go 442 but Antenucci replaced Mowatt. Quite a brave decision i thought.

Antenucci picked a few balls up but simply ran it into a blue shirt. He was ineffective with it but at least was getting it in the last third causing town to defend. Maybe if town had been braver it could have been them who took the ascendency but they weren't and we did. Antenucci put a glorious chance over the bar and i thought that was that. I'm not sure when Billy came on but the last ten minutes was all us. Redders played a blinder with his subs, reading of the game and his bravery. That or it was a fluke brought about by circumstances if i was being uncharitable.

Morrison who worked and ran the whole game put a great effort agonizingly wide and more minutes passed. I looked at the clock as it read 89 minutes. Then Sam incredibly latched onto a ball preventing it going for dead out to our left. He passed to Antenucci who glided a ball across the goal mouth. it escaped both the keeper and CH but not Billy who put his head into the danger zone  onto the ball and in it went. Contrast that with Adryan's effort in similar circumstances earlier in the season. It erupted all around, the first thing i saw was Billy almost just in front of me on the top of the fans, fist pumping the air and his face bursting with celebration. A last minute winner away, love it.

Sadly the injured player took a slight edge off the celebrations but I'm pleased to say the lad got great support from the Leeds fans.

4 minutes added time were not the agony it usually is with us and we played it out quite comfortably. Town were bereft of energy and guile and simply hit a wayward shit harmlessly over the bar to count down the click even quicker.

There's a school of thought amongst the hound hammerers that the recent recruitment of that ex town coach whatsisname helped us nullify their play. I don't buy that. Here in the midst of our winter, still enclosed by the icy frost, buds of growth are twitching and dead wood decays. Well, at least has their contract terminated by mutual consent.

And so for a beer or three. Taking the quieter town bypass along St Andrews road and Firth St we went to the rat and ratchet. A few old work mates and me have a pact we all meet there come what may after  the game. A couple of year ago after we beat them none showed up which i reminded them of last year when we had a pub full of them. Two showed up this year.

Then up to the Grove which was very busy. Lots of Leeds fans i recognised and many town fans. Not one hint of tension. Y'know sometime I think dirty beer is blamed for violence when quite possibly it might just be some other factor not quite as convenient or taxable.

I like the Cherry Tree Codge, a basic town center Wetherspoons but it's the last place I'd go on match day. Too many of their knuckle heads for my liking. Not the worst by any means but hope you were alright. The Boy n Barrel eh? blimey that place has changed over the years. Once part of "Johnnie's empire" as all that block was the main bit on the corner that I presume was where you were was the bistro. The actual pub is an old trad place adjoining it to the left host to the legendary evenings with Irene on the ivories . It's a good place to sit outside in Summer but a better place is diagonally across the road, The Parish Pump.

Thanks for the reports and the guide to the hostelries of 'Udders.

I'm not coming up N until it gets warmer.
Frazier Cranium

We got there early, Milton, and it was the only pub we know that was open (there was another about half a mile away from the Tree, but it was one of those 'private party' arrangements.  There didn't seem many knuckleheads in the CT, to be fair, though I still wan't going to strike up a chorus of MOT

Boy & Barrel is a bit of a dive but in fairness, it was welcoming enough, and some fella strolled in and put Leeds Leeds Leeds on the jukebox.
smiling badger

Great 3 points away from home so cant grumble at that can we !
Good to see Billy get a goal. Really do think that he has it in him to become a great Leeds player but i know fuck all.
'Dirty dog fingering tramps' love it!
Thank you for the report LD.
Late Doors

Frazier Cranium wrote:

Boy & Barrel is a bit of a dive but in fairness, it was welcoming enough, and some fella strolled in and put Leeds Leeds Leeds on the jukebox.

Ha Ha i bet i know who that was. Bald head, missing teeth looks as mean as chuff? i know he goes in there with his mates. Great lad, big leeds fan as long as i can remember.
Frazier Cranium

No this was a big lad, probs in his 30s, with hair, a beard and I think glasses on too.  Might well have been with others Leeds fans, I didn't really notice.
Late Doors

A beard you say? and glasses? aye he sounds like a Leeds Lad Did he pay for his pint with a credit card?

Apparently The Boy and Barrel is the designated away support pub
Frazier Cranium

Well those Hudders fans in their colours were in disguise then, after t'match Forum Index -> Leeds
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