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Diary of a Nobody - George and Weedon Grosssmith

This was recommended to me by HRH Plastic Man. A very short book but an easy and amusing read. Set in late Victorian Holloway, Charlie Pooter is what we in our house call “a climber”. Or what technically you may describe as lower-middle class (if you are into all that class business, which I am not). Pooter is a man who places a great deal of stock in somebody’s occupation and social standing even though he himself is only a clerk. A bit of an an inverted snob.  

Weedon’s book is a great satire on British stuffiness and class. As the title suggests there really isn’t much action in the book regarding Charlie’s day to day dealings but it’s littered with great little put downs about his wife, friends, and his wayward son. Pooter could be a character out of one of the brilliant songs that Ray Davies of The Kinks wrote about English suburbia. This book is available free for Kindle users. Ta for the recommendation Your Grace.

Plastic Man

I'm glad you enjoyed the book, Mr Dock.

It was written by two brothers, George and Weedon Grossmith, based on articles that had origianlly been serialised in Punch magazine.

It gave rise to "pooterish" - taking oneself much too seriously.

Now who does that remind me of?

Brilliant read, really enjoyed the satirical life in which Pooter lives (or more his view upon it).

Thanks to Dock for highlighting this book on here and thanks to Cummi... I mean PM for suggesting it to him.

A couple of glasses of Jackson Frères for the both of you when we next meet! Forum Index -> Fishy Tales
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