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Pond Life

Devils Bridge


Been here, it's a stunning part of the world as is a lot of Wales. This pic doesn't do it justice.

Went through Wales 2 years running on s shroom hunt. Saw some fantastic sights met a diverse bunch of people and thoroughly enjoyed it.

We met this mad fella who let us stay in his place for the night. He spent an hour explaining this book he read. It was a million incidents that happened all round the world in a single moment. It went from dolphins swimming to a cab door slamming to a dew drop falling from a tree. As quick as that.

What was really odd was that the address of the place we were in for this was 5 South Road the exact same as my then address in London.

Anyways Devils Bridge.

Higgs Boson

Went there on a geology field trip back in '93 (I've done most of Wales & Scotland by the way), all we did was get pissed on some steam railway up there, look at the bridges, randomly smack some rocks with a hammer and coloured in a map. It was raining.
Tank Girl

my dad used to tell a tale of a weekend in wales that he and my mum went on when they were first married that was the worst holiday they ever had.

I can't recall all the details now but there was something about driving down there in  car, it rained the whole way and for the entire weekend, and the car had manual windscreen wipers... so whoever wasnt driving had to twist something on the dashboard to make them move, it went on to some fawlty towers style guest house and really hostile locals.

and it went downhill from there
must ask my mum to tell me that one again, its very funny.

It's the Dogfishes bollocks is Wales I love the plaice.

Great for Green laning and just on the doorstep.
Pond Life

In Wales i

1. Rode in a monster truck
2. Was ignored by people when asking for directions.
3. Witnessed someone trying to dry their jeans by throwing them on the fire.
4. Witnessed the same person walk barefoot everywhere and complain of cold feet.
5. Witnessed the same person announce in a rather shouty voice to a packed Welsh pub that Wales were beaten by Western Samoa in the rugby.
6. Slept in castle ruins.
7.Was refused paperbags in a shop.
8. Sat in a VW camper van with the waves of the sea crashing over the top.
9. Woke up one morning in a tent, unzipped the front of it and came face to face with a sheep.
10. Did one of the best skimmers i have ever done.

Sat in a VW camper van with the waves of the sea crashing over the top.

Biggest waves i've ever seen in my life on the Gower Peninsula. They must have been 10-12 ft. Mad bastards trying to surf them.

Also ate Laver Bread. Tasted like cabbage cooked in sump oil. Don't recommend it.  

Pond Life wrote:
In Wales i

7.Was refused paperbags in a shop.

More details, please
Pond Life

I went into a shop and asked for 5 paper bags. I wanted them to keep some mushrooms in. Natch i didn't pass this info on but simply asked for 5 paper bags. She said no.  I offered to pay for them she said no. Forum Index -> Strange plaices
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