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Late Doors

Destruction Unit, Brude

I do like a bit if thrash noise now and then especially when behind the cacophony and growls lie a few decent tunes. The Destruction Unit album Deep Trip is typical. Couldn't miss a chance to see them live at the Brudenell.  Nath even put up a big outdoor screen for the Iceland game. It's tragic to see all those wide eyed believing young England fans exasperated, head in hands slowly realising what a bunch of overated ponces they hold up as heroes. I was that lad once, not anymore so it was with a smile and a suppressed laugh I made my way to the re arranged and improved games room for this very loud band.

Six of them and they went straight into a non stop seamless barrage of distorted guitars, feedback and barely audible elasticated vocals. Top stuff that had my companions scurrying to the back away from the piercing sonic explosion in front of us. Ace

Not everyone's cup of tea granted but ...

Plastic Man

I struggled to think what that reminded me off. Then it came to me - The Who smashing up their kit.

But taking their time, and with a lot of kit to smash.

I tried out a few of their other more "accessible" tracks on YouTube.

"Evil Man" was not dissimilar to very early Joy Division, while "Evil Man" and "If Death Ever Slept" have a proto punk feel.
Late Doors

Glad you enjoyed it...... i think

they're not something i'd play too much in the house but i'd see them live anytime Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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