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Late Doors

Derby game

That's the fine margins. Not a lot different to last week other than ten percent more running from Doukara, great finishing from Antennucci, no stupid fuck ups and Adryan showing another few percent improvement. For the first time in a long time we actually got better as the game went on. The timing of the subs was perfect, we just did the right things most of the time.

What a whinging arsehole team derby county are especially that little blonde git. Good player no doubt but a shithouse nonetheless.

Very impressive performance, the kind that captures and consolidates your optimism and belief we are going in the right way, on the pitch anyway. What do you reckon codge?
Frazier Cranium

Played well and the result was right, just showing that this division is bonkers.  Brighton in bottom three, Brentford in top 4 I think.

Antenucci seems to have boundless energy on the pitch and has scored some really classy goals.
A revelation as he seems to have spent ten years trundling round the lower Italian divisions.
Late Doors

Someone showed me a clip of Adryan diving and feighning being kicked on Saturday. I remember it and been fooled myself. It was right in front of teh Derby fans and they went mental about it. Rightfully so i say, disgracefull, hope Redders has a strong word with him. Dont like to see that anywhwere especially from my own team.
smiling badger

Good solid performance and didnt do much wrong, hey. As long as it can be kept up will be something else.
Yep, seen a clip of that flapping about like a fookin fish. Cringe worthy.

Totally agree - and as usually happens, there will be a Derby player who performs similarly very soon.

I think this is one aspect that all fans are aggrieved about.  The answer is not simple.

Maybe embarrassing the players by having a "dive of the month" on MOTD? Or adopting a Rugby League style post match review with appropriate punishments.  This would not stop the flow of the game which has been an argument against video reviews in the past.

What I have believed for a long time, is that this should be used in Professional fouls/penalties when the defender gets sent off when there has been no significant contact made.
In these cases, the suspension should be immediately be transferred to the perpetrator.

Also, players haranguing the referee/ linesman should by cautioned.  The Captain alone should be allowed to approach the ref for an explanation if necessary.

It will only take two or three matches where sides are reduced to 9 or 8 men with the other 5 cautioned, following such a confrontation for the practice to cease.

But this move will also need a step up in professionalism from the referees themselves- we are all aware of the impolite conversations that take place on the pitch involving the officials. If the officials want respect, they have to be a separate detached entity from the players and management team.
Frazier Cranium

Just to add though, pathetic as it was, Adryan WAS fouled initially, and it did look a bad one at first.  His second 'reaction' was of course a disgrace.  The Derby player was apparently Grassyknoll.

It was even doing the rounds out here last night (I referee indoor footie on Tuesdays and Thursdays) and I have to agree the initial challenge wasn't particularly pleasant.

However, I quite liked the effort put into the bonus Shamu flop - he should consider using it for his next goal celebration.

Taken in the context of the penalty given the week before, I suppose it wasn't entirely unexpected, but the lad needs to be trained to do it in the right area of the pitch.

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