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Dead in 2012

As the tank is a centre of excellence in expired celebs i don't expect this present much of a challenge.


*has a quick gander at the celebrity deathwatch thread*

I'll do some low hanging fruit.

1 Whitney Houston
4 Davey Jones
6 Miss Piggy
8 Donna love to love it up the Summer
10 Gerry Anderson
11 Larry Hagman (Dallas is back on here)
12 A Bee Gee not stayin' alive
13 Coronation bloke
14 Norwegian Blue
15 Green Mile bloke
16 Ella Fitzgerald?
17 Ravi Shankar
20 Newcastle's chances of qualifying for Europe in 2013

19 Vidal Sasoon
20 Sid Waddell

Is 14 Tony Greig?

Didn't know he'd popped it.

Not bad Grind

coronation bloke?

14 is not john cleese and 16 is not Ella Fitzgerald. I want the name of the man with his hand up miss piggy's arse.

v good forest. we put Jocky Wilson for 20.   my fault apparently

16 is Etta James (I had a mind fart here!)

I guess Jim Henson must have his hand up Miss Piggy's arse?

Is 3 Armstrong? Not the dopey one.

2 Patrick Moore. Can't believe I didn't get that on the first pass!

I think 7 is the only one I still have no idea, although I'm guessing I bloody well should know who it is.

No 8: Do I need to name both of them?

They're "Love You Baby" and "Love two."

Full Answer

1. Whitney Houston
2. Patrick Moore
3. Neil Armstrong (we put Buzz Aldrin)
4. Davy Jones
5. Terry Nutkins
6. Andy Williams (the man who gave the Osmond's their break)
7. Tom Maynard
8. Donna Summer
9. Jack Klugman
10. Gerry Anderson
11.Larry Hagman
12. Robin Gibb
13. Bill Tarmey?
14. Tony Greig
15. Michael Clarke Duncan
16. Etta James
17. Ravi Shankar (couldn't hit a cow's arse with a sitar)
18. Clive Dunn
19. Vidal Sassoon
20. Sid Waddell

E=MC Hammer squared came a creditable third.

Grind wins a years supply of economy burgers and an English/Polish dictionary.

Ah, the Miss Piggy thing threw me off.

Tom Maynard? Surely he's nowhere near old enough to be dead yet?

Oh. I must've missed that news (or forgot about it).

Bad skills all round.  Forum Index -> Quiz bit
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