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Daryl Powell - gracious in defeat - NOT!!!!

I've always had a lot of time for Daryl Powell. great player and he then went on to do great things at Featherstone only denied promotion to the top flight by the stupid RL rules on grounds. So off he pops to Castleford and starts to do good things there. They are third in the league and he has turned them around to be a much fitter and disciplined team.

So last night they played Leeds RL. A close first half saw Cas go in at half time 14-12 ahead. But this really was a tale of two halves. Leeds dominated in the second half stopping Cas playing. Not spectacular to watch but very effective. Cas had no answer for it and got nilled in the second half, Leeds finishing worthy winners at 14-22.

So on to the post match interviews. Leeds manager first - tough game, Cas have turned into a very good team blah blah blah. McDermott is always good to listen to. he doesn't brag when his team have won (in fact quite the opposite) and is also gracious in defeat. Next was the turn of Daryl Powell. Well what a complete wanker. Everyone who is a rugby fan could see what Leeds did in the 2nd half but no all Powell could do was whinge about a couple of refereeing decisions in the 1st half. Sorry mate you've gone down in my estimations.

I went from thinking 'well that was the best Cas team I've seen for a long time' to 'fuck off you in breds' LOL
Frazier Cranium

Cas fans bloomin' hate Leeds so I wouldnt worry about it H  

I enjoyed the match, shame Powell missed at least two high swinging arms which would have flattened a tower block never mind a Leeds player.

I enjoy the commentary on Sky, though I might be in the minority there.  Even Stevo is alright, but Barrie Mc is funny, last night's on air debate about shoulder charges being fouls or 'proper RL' was ace.

I miss a lot of the RL stuff living down here.

Sounds like Mr Powell has been taking whingeing lessons of some of our Prem managers.
Late Doors

He's been spending too much time in in Banjo Land. Its addled his head. Forum Index -> Sports
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