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Late Doors

Daniel Kitson, Tree, Manchester Royal Exchange

This guy is manna from heaven in the comedy world. Funny as a lot of the circuit treading panel posing brigade are this guy is everything they are not. Original, creative, imaginative, warm and immensely funny. Seen him a few times now the latest last Saturday after the Burnley game in Mancland.

Got the train over from Slaithwaite, not a good idea as it happened. No sooner had the  booze soddened ale trailers staggered off at Marsden than the orange brigade got on at Mossley and Stalybridge for Manchester. Mancland has many fine attributes. The Northern Quarter is ace as is the student land of Oxford Road and beyond. Lots of great pubs and fabulous architecture but I just can't stand the overall Mancness of the place, lots of it affected and pretend, all of it ugly as sin.

The Royal Exchange provided an oasis of class amongst the lairy froth of the Saturday kids. A beautiful building now hosting a circular glass encased auditorium set amidst its grandiose interior. Daniel and his co performer actor Tim Key were marking out the central stage surrounded by the gathering audience with gaffer tape. A lone tree was the only prop dominant and tall. Daniel climbed high into it using a ladder, the lights dimmed and the show began. Tim rushes to the tree flustered thinking he is late for a date. He isn't but he thinks he is. He is actually 50 minutes early so what else is there to do other than chat to the bloke sat high up in the tree who beckons and greets him.

Daniel takes a simple situation like this then pulls, twists, draws and stretches it into an infinite world of sparkling dialogue and comedy. Not content with this he  peppers it with political and social analogy so very recognisable in this day and age that just leaves you simultaneously laughing, thinking and ruing. The interplay between the two is greased lightning as the pair joust and parry with debate and inquisition. The finale had me literally in tears of laughter and astonishment.

So the journey back to the scuzzy shithole of Victoria station. I am so glad I was a young un in the '70's and '80s and I'll leave it at that. It didn't spoil another slice of genius from the peerless king of live comedy in my view, well perhaps Stuart Lee, but even the great man has said as much.

* Tries to work out if manor from heaven is a joke. *
Late Doors

'tisn't, would be if i was that smart

Late Doors wrote:
'tisn't, would be if i was that smart

Fair enough - I thought it might be a catchphrase or summat as I'm woefully out of date with UK popular culture, more's the pity.

Actually, Elland Road could be Manor from Heaven.

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