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Dagenham and Redbridge

Me, sheeps and a late substitute (late doors pulled out last minute due to injury), caught 8.05 train to london, then hammersmith line to Barking. Sat in Spotted Dog to watch QPR v Leeds but after a one way conversation with a Barman who spoke little English, it turned out, despite numerous tv's in the pub, they were not showing leeds game. Sheeps then engaged in conversation with the locals to find a suitable venue to watch the game. We were directed to the Royal Oak where we sat and watched the game. We then travelled on the District line to Dagenham East where we followed the bustling football crowd (5 people)! to Dagenham Stadium where the Daggers were playing the mighty Mansfield. We paid 17 quid to stand behind the goal and the atmosphere was, to say the least, non existent! But at least the 174 Mansfield fans enjoyed it. We witnessed a truly awful 0-0 draw with little chances created by either team. A highlight of the afternoon was the catering at Dagenham, especially the cheeseburgers. Leaving 5 minutes before the end, we made our way back to Kings Cross for our return journey to Leeds which had a large group of returning Leeds fans on. The train was a 'dry train', but soon after clearing London, all manner of alcoholic drinks were produced from various concealed places, including socks, down trousers and 'a large coca cola from McDonald's' which tasted slightly different! By the time we hit Wakefield Sheeps and his new friends were banging on the table and singing loudly 'it's a dry train'! A top day out, let's hope late doors is fit for the next one!
Late Doors

Soon as we got our cheap tickets I knew this trip was going to be doomed. That is why I will never win the lottery. For anyone who  doesn't know or maybe cares an iota ive been stricken with chronic gout, the worst attack ive ever had, utterly excruciating. I'm on the mend now but by crikey its been over a week of pure agony and misery.
cheers for rep mate, glad you had a good day out all of yer anyway
Frazier Cranium

Get well soon M.  

I have a liking for the Daggers as a mate of mine, though he lives in the US, is a fan from the area.  They're also a well-run club with very good community and anti-racist attitude.

I suppose visiting the nether regions of the FL makes you grateful for what you've got.  

take it easy LD. Give up drinking coffee.
Late Doors

ta, still lingering on, had a bit of a relapse yesterday and today im afraid. Its a fucker and no mistake, christ i wouldn't wish it on Piers Morgan.
Plastic Man

Late Doors wrote:
ta, still lingering on, had a bit of a relapse yesterday and today im afraid. Its a fucker and no mistake, christ i wouldn't wish it on Piers Morgan.

You have my sincerest sympathy.

It was a good day out , no mistake.

Especially the 'free bar' on the way home.

Downside was, no matter how I attempted to explain to the middle eastern fish n' chip shop vendor that I wanted a breadcake with my fish we never really connected. Ended up with a fish on a pitta bread. ah well.

And MDM also joined in with the merriment on the way home, but did not show the same social skills when tapping up vodka and lemonade refreshment. Forum Index -> All other football
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