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Plastic Man

Current iPlayer recommendations

The biopic of Ian Dury, "Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll", is available on the BBC iPlayer until next Saturday. I enjoyed the straight-played parts, but less so, the more off-the-wall quirky/arty stuff. However, this constituted only a small portion of the film. Overall, worth a watch.

I noticed that also available for the next month or so is the 2010 adaptation of Graham Greene's Brighton Rock, a novel originally published in the 1930's, with a film adaptation released in the 1940. Given the recent incarnation has been set in a mod/rocker divided Brighton of the 60s, I intend to give it a go, but I'm not anticipating too much. It stars local lad Sam Riley, who did a good job in the Ian Curtis biopic "Control", so there is hope yet.
Frazier Cranium

Loved and dis-loved SnDnRnR when it came out, mainly because Serkis is brilliant as Dury and because it seemed to be honest a depiction and not soft-focus or twee about a great artist who had his demons and issues of course.  

'Brighton Rock' is okay, I'd say, PM.  I seem to remember it's pretty faithful to the original film if not the book (long time since I read it).  I watched the original last year again and a lot of it is still class - grimy, menacing, violent and bloody good.. Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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