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Late Doors

Cradle To Grave

Hearing good things about this. One to catch up with. Anyone else?
Frazier Cranium

Hmmm, not convinced LD, watched the first two and it just seems to be an outdated idea.  Danny Baker is brilliant but his childhood isn't that relevant or resonant, it's a Wonder Years set in millwall land.

And Peter Kay, exclusive, is a crap Cockney!
Late Doors

*cancels catch up schedule* that sounds just not my cup of tea
Plastic Man

I've seen all three now. I'm a big fan of Danny Baker and had heard very favorable reports of his autobiography "Going to Sea in a Sieve", on which this series is based. However, some of the anecdotes that probably do well in book-form, become too diluted when padded out for dramatisation on screen. Also, the Peter Kay cockney accent does takes a bit of getting used to.

Saying that, I'd suggest giving it a go. "Wonder Years set in Millwall land" is an apt description, but as a description of period and place (the 1960s in London dockland) rather than any negative connotations.

I'm enjoying it. That one on straight after with that transgender woman in it isnt bad either. That's the program and not the transgender that isnt bad by the way

It's baba.

Forest wrote:
It's baba.

That is about it. Not worthy of further comment.
smiling badger

Not great but worth a watch if you have time on your hands.
Kay is a funny guy but not as a cockney. Awful. Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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