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Can you set a reminder that I am a self-obsessed fuckwit who believes I must have whatever the advertising man tells me I must have and needs my mobile phone to tell me what to do in my otherwise empty life when I'm not queueing up outside of the Apple shop ?

Thanks Cortana.

Its OK you can come out now, rant over.

Just googled Cortana. So you've downloaded a virtual woman PA? Don't you have enough earache from the real woman in your life? Daft lad! What does this Cartona do then Leb?

PS Nice to see you back on here Leb.

PPS Does Cartona have a mate who's not doing anything tonight? It's just that I'm free if she's interested.

You've not seen the adverts yet then Dock ? You will, and then you'll be as angry as me Maybe.
Plastic Man

I haven't seen the advert either.

So will that make it a Mark 5 or Mark 6 Ford Cortana?

My dad used to have a green one in the seventies. Then he got one with a vinyl roof and the monkeys picked at it at some safari park. He ended up with a very ice black one - Ghia model as well.

I have trouble inflating mine these days.

Having just got a Windows phone through work I thought I'd install Cortana on it. Apparently it's coming to the UK soon but if I want to frig around with my phone setting and change it to American English I could install it now.

The hell I do.

This weekend I saw an ad on the telly for Cartona. It's looks and sounds like a pain in the neck. Your phone reminding you what you should be doing and where to drive. In the final analysis it boils down to being told what to do by a robot. Leb you are a man of resource, wit, and vim. Yes, vim. Throw your mobile in the river and go and do something human and nice. Tickle Mrs. Leb's nose with a daisy or have a skip down the street. Anything you like but don't listen to robots. It's the thin end of the wedge. It really is. I bet this is how that Skynet thing on Terminator began. Daisy's good robots bad!



Glad you all agree.
Late Doors

Ha, saw the advert last night and almost screeched in astonishment.

They ought to just dump our human comatosed carcasses in suspended animation from birth whilst projecting our virtual beings into a world where virtual existing and consuming are the only activities of a perfect economy. That should please a few at least.

I thought this was going to be about an ex-footballer from France

Just checked YouTube and there is no footage of Leb skipping. If this world needs one thing it's footage of Leb skipping. Can admin look into this please.

Cortana is/was an Artificial Intelligence (AI) character from Halo, not sure if it's the same lass but I'm guessing it could be.

Whilst my sisters made it look easy, skipping and roller skating were never for me.

leb wrote:
Whilst my sisters made it look easy, skipping and roller skating were never for me.

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