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Come on you Belgium

Fuck off you Tafs.

I shall be supporting Belgium.

p.s. please don't forget you have just bitten off the hand that feeds you (well all but Bale that is) seeing as the vast majority of you are getting fat pay cheques courtesy of the ENGLISH football league.

Fuck off and go and play in the Welsh league and enjoy fixtures such as Penrhiwceiber Rangers, Caldicot Town and the like.

And not to mention the Nathaniel Car Sales League
Late Doors

Nah, i don't buy into this at all. Good luck to them. So they celebrated England's loss. Let me tell you a hell of a lot of English footy fans did as well

A win tonight and they will be dancing in the streets of Total Network Solutions.

As Jeff once said, funny.

Really didn't see that one coming. Ramsey player of the tournament for me. They will miss him v Portugal. Looking forward to seeing Ashley Williams kicking shit out of Ronaldo.

Just emphasises how really really shit we were.

You know I'm warming to them. Like you say FC it shows how shite the structure of the FA is. Old boys and hangers on network.
Late Doors

Nah, they've had their fun now they can fuck off  Can you imagine them winning it? We'd never hear the end of it  ''  

Lot of fuss about Robson-Kanu's goal - but I thought Vokes's was just as good. That cross from Gunter was perfect. Forum Index -> All other football
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