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Cold War Britain

First episode yesterday. A period of history i find interesting and presented by Dominic Sandbrook, who doesn't use too many big words.

Touched on the post war collaboration between Churchill, Attlee and Trueman, Moscow Dynamo's tour of Britain, H-bomb experiments, George Orwell, deluded commie vicars, the perceived link between homosexual activity and communist sympathies, Chaplin's expulsion for the US and all sorts of other stuff.

History for the masses. Nothing wrong with that.
Late Doors

Caught a bit of it but only had half an eye on it. Deserved more by the sound of it so will catch up. What did come across was the brutal anti communist back lash especially in the states. The sheer fear of an ideology that provokes such extreme response. I think that was a big reason i was drawn to it in my formative years. The fact that it upset so many arseholes meant it must be good to me. Still have that knee jerk response in fact although time and a degree of reasonable contentment has taken the burrs off things somewhat. These current bustards are doing their best to resurrect that feeling though.For a supposedly hideous unworkable ideology that nobody wants  the righteous battle against socialism  has led to a great deal of humanitarian catastrophe in its struggle to overcome it.

I remember also being constantly told about how ugly eastern European women were especially Russian.  Now it seems they are the most beautiful in the world. Well apart from cas lasses.

Anyhow now the cold war is over, a united Germany run Europe, Russia and China the rest of the world. Isn't it time India and America teamed up so we  can have another one. Things were so much simpler back then.
Late Doors

And another thing   I'm a lot more scared now of what our own country can do to us  than i was about what the commies could do to us then.

First came across the power of propaganda that the program touched on during that time and what a weapon it is for the power holders. Both sides using it to turn their masses against the other side and thus cement their own grip. Particularly effective when they and their cohorts  also control the means of communication.

There was an amazing shot of the first British H bomb detonated. The observers were given a wet towel and sunglasses to protect them fro the radiation.

I was a 'Young Socialist' when I was young but joined the Young Liberals as well as the women were better looking.


There was another good programme on last night on (believe it or not) More 4 called 'The Brink of The Apocalypse' which charted the events of autumn 1983 which nearly led to 'Mutually Assured Destruction'.

It started with the Russians shooting down a Korean airliner full of yanks on Sept 1st.

I remember i was at a pub with my mate Fat Ed in Banbury watching the locals playing a peculiar pub game called 'Aunt Sally'.

Someone watching the telly in the bar rushed out with the news. Upper Heyford, one of the biggest US bases in the UK, and an obvious target for a nuclear strike, was six miles away. It went very quiet.

We decided to get in another round pronto just in case.

Following that, the Yanks launched a war game to simulate what would happen if the Russians threatened nuclear action. The Russians, not realising it was a simulation went onto their equivalent of DEFCON1, and were within minutes of launching nuclear weapons (or nucular as the voice over woman kept calling them).

Meanwhile back in the US, someone persuaded Reagan to watch 'The Day After', a film which envisaged a bomb dropping on Dallas, and the consequent damage and loss of life.

Reagan was so disturbed by the film that he instructed his government that the Cold War should be de-escalated.

He invaded Grenada instead. Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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