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Pond Life


Every time i see your name in my head i sing

Col 64 where are you?

From the hilarious show Car 54 where are you? staring Herman Munster.

That should hook him in.

Looks like it worked  
Pond Life

Not a great success.

If at first you don't succeed, just pack it in.
smiling badger

He/she could just be a little shy.
Keep trying to tempt them PL.
You are doing a great job....

i'm just glad to hear that freakishly looking Herman Munster did not get typecast and got another acting job

well done Hollywood
Pond Life

*leaves after eight mints on silver tray/new user trap*
smiling badger

Who are these for ?
(eats some after eights)
Pond Life

Come along Col64, a fat chocolate stealing badger has written a song for you...


that instrument looks a bit small,is it a baby sittar?
Late Doors

Welcome Col. Any relation to Nintendo? Forum Index -> New Reggiestrations
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