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Coast to Coast

Very funny road movie starring John Shea and Lenny Henry (no, honest!). Excellent music, sharp script and host of 80's Brit character actors.

Only ever shown once on the telly as they never had permission to broadcast any of the songs.

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Bloody ell FC, there's one from the past. I remember taping it and not taping over it for ages and ages. The music was great as was the acting including Lenny Henry (no, honest). Pete Postlethwaite played a Liverpool ducker and diver called Keks McGuinness.

Earth Wind And Fire. It Shoud've been mean. No feet. Yes it was very funny and stayed in my mind for a long while. You can probably fined No Surrender on the www also. I wonder if that's stood the test of time. I laughed a lot when it first aired.

tangent time

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