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Cliffs of Insanity: A Winter on Ireland's Big Waves by Keith

Got the head's up from Mol. This is a gem of a book. Well written, a fantastic look into the world of big wave surfing in the middle of winter, fucking winter off the Irish Coast.

Worth a tenner of anyone's money. Anyone who enjoyed Feet In The Clouds will probably love this one too.

Here's a great little film these young pups put together too

Just had a look at this on Amazon. Looks good cheers Cuts. I have been along that bit of the Galway and Clare coast, The Burren, and the Mighty Cliffs of Moher. The power of the Atlantic smashing into the cliffs would humble any human but to go fucking surfing in it? What the fucking fuck?????? Mad bastards!

The video is brilliant too. Talented mentalists those boys. Forum Index -> Fishy Tales
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