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Late Doors

Chastity Belt, Brudenell

Ace all girl indie guitar band from Seattle. Not at all like their crap name suggests they are in the pure soft vocal harmonic sweet guitar category. Nothing revolutionary music wise but very listenable.

On in the games room of the Brude but surely bound for the main room before long. The album is pure indie pop excellence. They are clearly heading for bigger things as a full house of knowing hipsters seemed excited to be there.

Center stage is the bassist and driver of the band. Bobbing in time to the off beat of her notes she seems the leader of the band with the drummer behind  following her every signal.

To her right is the main singer/ guitarist. Not a strong natural vocal, she seems to have inherited the role as the only volunteer. I'm afraid that live she's a bit under it but nothing a lot of practice couldn't put right.
The other guitarist  and occasional singer on the other hand is great and i can't understand why she isn't the main singer. Lovely guitarist as well it looks like she is the big talent in the band.

The bands great strength is their collective mentality though. They seem really content with the democracy within. One can only cynically wonder how long that will last but while it does they produce wonderful indie tunes with beautiful cross woven twin guitar lines to lift them higher.

Try to get past the shit advert. This gives a good idea of what the gig was  like and indeed them. Like i say nothing new but nice
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