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Late Doors

Charlton (a) Championship 2013/14

London trips are London trips whether it's Arsenal or Brentford. Always enjoy them, even more so now that expectation has been normalised.  Got here Friday tea time so no rushing about and in a city of nine million bumped into MG outside London bridge both of us on the way to Dean Swift for a trio of pre match levellers.

News of a pitch inspection led to a half hour kick off delay that several thousand Leeds fans chose to spend in the pub judging by their demeanour en route to the valley. Not a pretty sight it has to be said.

Already a slow Na Na Na chant wad swirling from the assembling fans as the call for remembrance silence was made. The silence for some reason only known to the originator and then the followers turned into a period of inappropriate clapping before the game finally got underway.

Charlton kicked off with a punt into touch  before their striker was allowed to collect, turn and shoot too easily. Our response with the first attack down our left showed the waterlogged conditions as both ball and feet spluttered in the drenched grass.

Late comers were still arriving looking hopelessly for their seats as a little mid field mix up allowed Charlton to attack. More rain fell and for a short spell the game looked in doubt but we pressed with a throw into the box and a shot over the bar. Another attack just failed to reach Ross and Charlton countered cutting in from their right and shooting wide.
Paddy had to receive treatment just  before we had to defend a period of pressure. Pugh claimed a throw when it was clearly Charlton's before Rudy made a terrific tracking back tackle to end the spell.

Blackstock was penalised for nothing as we tried to respond but the drenched pitch was making it nigh on impossible for any passing fluency. WACCOE started and seemed to inspire a good spell as a ball into the box was headed on for Ross to hit home in front of us for 1-0.

The expected counter ended with shot curled well wide before a low cross in from our right could easily have ended with an own goal but went for a corner. We rode the nervous spell out after Charlton over hit a pass into dead ball and the lad to my right sparked up a cig.

We're winning away came the self effacing chant as Charlton were denied a penalty claim. Ross then did his watching and then hitting the man followed by a foul claim thing before Charlton over hit another ball into our box
Back came the hosts as they began to win the stuck balls and attacked. A foray into our box ended with an angled shot into the side netting. Danny Pugh holding is own at left backish ended his own good run with across too deep.

A free kick for Charlton was hit way over before a bad tackle incensed our players into a spell of handbags. More defending was called for including clearances into touch rather than the risky back pass in these conditions. Paddy was booked for time wasting but a good counter by us ended with Peltier heading wide in the box from a cross in from the right. Nonetheless things seemed nervy as Charlton turned up the pressure. Peltier defended well and Paddy made a fantastic save. Someone took a yellow card for kicking the ball away before a ball into the box was half cleared only to be volleyed back for a terrific equaliser that to be honest was looking likely.

More smoke emerged from my right as a feistiness accompanied Charlton's stronger end to the half. It was a relief to be level although on balance we deserved nothing less.

Wooten who was limping earlier was replaced by MZ for a half we commenced by repeating the home sides tactic of hitting the kick off into touch. No sooner had i stopped moaning about it a ball into the box resulted in a penalty that Ross smacked down the middle and high to put us in the lead again.

Paddy collected the Charlton response and Brown was in well to break up the next and start our own attack that also ended with their keeper collecting.

Moments later Paddy was to the rescue again with a world class save when he tipped over after a deflection. Our break after the corner finished with a hurried shot by Dextor. Pugh who was coping admirably produced more great defending to snuff out danger. Murphy also digging in well made a rare bad decision to let Charlton press but their end product was lofted over the bar. Pearce made a cool clearance into touch as Paddy applauded the non back pass decision whilst we continued to hold strong. Pugh gave away a free kick that we cleared only for Peltier to hit unnecessarily into touch. Still we looked comfortable and Ross got a lucky free kick that Charlton dealt with easily and cleared. Some patient cross field possession from the home side appeared to pose no threat until slack defending at right back allowed a low cross and tap in for the miserable equaliser.
Barely seconds it felt like passed before a free kick in from the left found a Leeds head and then the right boot of Ross as he smashed in his third.

Blackstock consolidated our pressuring deep in their half as did Ross in our half with a great break up tackle. Brian Mac then made his own great impact by subbing the energetic Dextor with Smith and going 4 5 1 with Ross on the left. This restricted our attacking options but shored up the midfield brilliantly as all five central players worked, pressed and moved tirelessly.

Ross and  Pugh were linking up well on the left to not only defend but also create forward pressure. Ross himself prompting a smile from Paddy in front of us by hitting the deck for a minute before limping off and back on.
People started to leave from all sides of the ground but this game was far from over. More smoke poured across from my right as we braced for the final ten. Pugh made a brave foray forward down the left and claimed a foul that was not forthcoming and left us slightly exposed. Charlton hit the response way over as perhaps a little hope was vanishing for them.

Meanwhile the Leeds fans way behind me had decided to keep the ball and a spare arrived as Paddy made a coy smile. WAL got louder and Ross kept pressing. Smith won a great header that got us a free kick. 4 minutes added time was announced as Ross positioned himself to take the free kick. He couldn't possibly could he? Yes he could. An absolute belter. 4-2 game over? We celebrated like it was. A loud MOT saw the game out along with a couple of minutes concentrated disciplined defending. A desperate hand ball call on Peltier and a wide shot was Charlton's last throw before the ref blew to send the thousands away happy into the London night

It had to be a couple of celebratory ones so we called into the Market Porter at borough market. It always goes down well with three away points doesn't it. So the three of us went our separate ways. Me to the delights of Bermondsey where a splendid curry and then another pint in the new wave chic of Bermondsey St rounded of s nigh on perfect day.
smiling badger

Great report as per..
From various Charlton Forums that i have been taking a look at through the day most are saying that our win was undeserved?
Bad Refereeing and time wasting tactics from Leeds. And if they had a striker as in form as Ross they could have easily grabbed the win.
What do you think LD?
But all said that our support was brilliant!

Oh, and thanks for the report!
Frazier Cranium

Saw stats that said Charlton had 17 shots to our 9, and both teams had 4 on target.  Four  Not too one-sided are those stats.  They hadn't conceded any goals for 7 games or something, so I heard, so to score 4 and 'not deserve' the win is a bit odd a claim.

So then will McCormack be keeping Bechio company on the Norwich bench come January?

Or maybe even a move to the big smoke so he is forever blowing bubbles.
smiling badger

Those were my thoughts also Codge. To score 4 and not deserve the win is crazy.

Yep, and await for the reports of money being waved at us for Ross Mac..  but at least we dont have Bates biting the hand of the first decent bid coming in, ie Norwich.

Sound like a great game and a great atmosphere.

I noticed Na na na na making a comeback at the Yeovil game. it was years since i'd heard it last. The words are quite easy for Waccoe for remember.

Good decision from Les to bring Pugh back. Paddy is the first decent goalie we've had since Red Nose Jr.

Lets hope we can hang on to McCormack. I was surprised that he didn't fuck off during the Colin days when his only sight of the ball was when it went 10m over his head. He's got a bit of class imo.
Kingmaker of Lilliput

Sour grapes from the Charlton fans IMHO. As always a good LD report. The LSS from today has a link to this.

Cheers M.

Was it a double bed with MDM?

Not that it's any of mine.

Another great match report LD, for us fans that we're not there.
Sorry to disappoint you Sheep.


marche-deane-man wrote:
Another great match report LD, for us fans that we're not there.
Sorry to disappoint you Sheep.


Too quicker a denial. No smoke without fire. It seems there's plenty of rutting going on in them there Pennines and not all of it with dogs. Each to their own like.

Dock wrote:
marche-deane-man wrote:
Another great match report LD, for us fans that we're not there.
Sorry to disappoint you Sheep.


Too quicker a denial. No smoke without fire. It seems there's plenty of rutting going on in them there Pennines and not all of it with dogs. Each to their own like.

Or their best mate with electric gates

Not one to gossip but Iíve heard tell that LD is petitioning for The Jolly Sailor public house in Moldgreen to change itís name to Hello Sailor in order to attract a Ďdifferentí kind of crowd to its regular one. Síall Iím saying. Not a gossip. No. Not me.

*scrapes bottom of barrel even further for a more lazy narrow-minded gay stereotype*
Late Doors

Have you seen MDM ???    he'd frighten t'dogs of t'butchers lorry with that fizz 'og

although the way he runs suggests he might be open to persuasion

last I saw of the Jolly about 3 months ago it was shut    Considering it only just started letting women in 'tap'ole on the '90s I think their sexual orientation toleration policy would fall a little short of contemporary standards. That said, I once saw Flockton Fairy pick a brown ale bottle up with his bum cheeks one night in there. Aaaaaanyway, the match.

Main thing badge the pitch prevented either side from playing much football. Stats have their place, over the course of a season they usually stack up to actuality but its a bit desperate using them to moan about the outcome of single game.

They had the spell just before half time when they were all over our goal for five minutes but that was the only spell of anxiety. I'm the archetypal doom expectant away fan and apart from that spell i was fairly relaxed and confident of at least a draw throughout the rest of the game.

We had three clear advantages. A better striker, a better keeper and with the utmost respect to the capable and likeable Chris Powell, a better manager who all provided the match winning element. Apart from the shots on goal we matched and bettered them all over the park for at least half of the game. Not least with the slugging it out central midfield graft that the horrible wet surface demanded. Forum Index -> Leeds
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