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Late Doors

Cate Le Bon, Brudenell

Up until this year I'd been vaguely aware of Cate Le Bon through the usual channels but this summer the single "Wonderfull" proved to be a real ear worm so I bought the album on the strength of it and what a great album it is. She was ace at Green Man as well so we all jumped at the chance of catching her at the Brudenell last night.

Took three songs in to find their feet I think including Wonderful then they seemed to click into another gear when songs from the Mug Museum album kicked in, obviously crowd favourites but not that familiar to me. The reaction seemed to lift the band and the scratchy sometimes deliberately discordant guitar interplay became wonderfully entwined. She found her vocal strength and gave the newer songs the intensity they deserve. They are magnificently inventive  and her stage presence, Parisian chic and sideways on guitar stance gave them a theatre that enhanced them even higher.  

Nice little patter with the crowd as well who were a terrific mix of gender and age all clearly fans of her and the band. The set was almost entirely the new album Crab days and Mug Museum but a quirky rendition of Whams last Christmas finished things off sweetly. Before that though the rendition of What's not Mine of Crab Days was one of the highlights of my 2016 gig year.  I guess I was unusual at the gig in that I have more or less come at the band through the latest album and for me it was clear that she has leapt up a notch with the songs on it. listening to the albums side by side she has found an intricate maturity and a clearer identity and shows all the signs of doing it more so in future.


smiling badger

Was bought her new album for Christmas. Havent given it a listen as yet.

'rotation, rotation my heart's in the station'

Late Doors

She is an enigmatic writer for sure, glad you appreciate her Forum Index -> Pump up the filter
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