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Cardiff City

Well a slightly begrudging congratulations to the Redbirds finally after years of trying getting into the Premier. I say slightly begrudging, that day there in the cup still rankles but i suppose you have to take that sort of thing on the chin when you're a fan.

Apart from that I've always thought they were alright, much like us in many ways. Fair play to them for going for it and doing it plus that JCIG chap always seems a good egg. Plus Cardiff is a cracking town for a night out, had a few good days there for the rugby. Nice to see Ridsdale getting in on the act claiming full responsibility for the success as well

Just think with them up and Barnsley and Hudders possibly down that's an extra 12 points we can might get next season.

Had some great nights in Bute Town when i was a college boy before they tarted it all up. Still a pleasant city, although the beer could do with improvement.

Malky Mackay has done a great job to keep them on top since November. Good goalie and two good CBs. Fancy they will stay up next season.


sheeps wrote:

apart from their manager. Forum Index -> All other football
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