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Bye bye Europe...

...we will still see you for our summer holidays.

I was always undecided until the final moment I went and cast my vote.

Always felt I saw the pros and cons of both sides.

Hated the acronym Brexit - what about Northern Ireland although Ukexit doesn't have the same ring to it

Actually felt happier with the idea that we should be allowed to fuck up our own country instead of letting Brussels do it for you but really worried about the calibre of those in charge at our end

Worried that really the leave campaign was won purely on immigration

Saying that I would rather have a stein of German finest beer with Angela Merkel than Ms Nicola Sturgeon, the latter for me has taken over from Jeremy Kyle as my most revered person (well since Blair anyway).

Time will tell what Boris will do now god help us.

Just had a chat with a South African lad who works with us. Said to him I think it will be very funny soon. The same countries we have persecuted for centuries under the name of colonialism we will now have to go, cap in hand (or should that be top hat), and arse lick to ensure we get business.

Interesting times ahead. And for some reason I'm not despondent.

p.s. why not have a total fresh start and get Queen Liz to abdicate seeing as she's just had the best 90th birthday present ever - she's got her country back. Let her retire to Balmoral and become Queen of Scotland then skip a generation i.e. Charles and let King Willy take over. A young and vibrant monarchy for a newly reinvented country.

I'm almost singing Land of Hope and Glory.

It'll not last

It doesn't seem like a very good idea to leave to me, but what do I know?
Late Doors

Still doesnt to me but ho de ho here we go. Not what i wanted but i feel strangely excited. Cant quite put my finger on why either. Best i can do is liken it to going to London away games in the '80s. You know there's going to be a fight but cant be quite sure who its going to be with

The nation has spoken and it's tin hats on. No way back from this one.

I don't think anyone understands the true cost of disengagement. I suspect it will take about five years.

Having told the rest of Europe to eff off, I can't imagine them giving us an easy ride.

Mind you, there's always Trump, Putin, Marie La Pen and Katie Hopkins to help us out.

* Cries. *

To quote, from The Eagles: "All the knowledge in the world is of no use to fools." *

* I suspect this is a modified version of something elsewhere (Bible?).

What seemed like a sure plan to get public assent to remain in Europe and to unify the Tory party in the safe hands of Del Boy Cameron and Rodney Osborne...

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