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Burton H

Well that was a nice surprise. I think it's the first time I've seen us win at home for two years. Granted my visits to ER are not that frequent. Last one was the dismal 1-2 loss to an already relegated Charlton at the end of last season.
Only two of today's team Wood and Taylor - started that game. I still can't get used to this musical chairs stuff at the end of the season.

I thought we defended really well. They had plenty of shots but we got some great blocks in - particularly Bartley.

Our granite jawed Kiwi led the line tirelessly, but tbh I thought we looked less like scoring than they did. The rest of the attacking players were pretty poor - particularly Sacko. He was so shite that by the end of the game they didn't even bother trying to tackle him. Just waited for him to fall over. He reminds me of someone - it will come back to me eventually.

Ayling had a good game and looked more likely to score than any of them.

The match changed when Doukara came on. I never thought I'd write that sentence. Suddenly there was someone to share the workload with Wood and distract defenders.

Monk deserves credit for his 'I think you're shit now prove me wrong' motivational talk.

Wood despatches penalties very efficiently.
Late Doors

Had to give the game a miss but listened to it on the wireless. Sounded like we were up against it the first half. Exactly what i expected having seen Burton play Derby on teh opening game of the season, They have some dangerous players, one or two we could do with actually.

Bloody stressfull listening to it though and next doors kids looked at me sheepishly as a "Get the fuck in" rang out across the wall after the second goal.

Y'know, just an addition of a few more goals in January and we could be talking something here? How likely is that Massimo? Forum Index -> Leeds
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