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Brummoiis Awooiy

The Birdingbury Posse are having their first outing of the season. And about time too.

Always a bit of an atmosphere there. Looking forward to being treated like cattle by their unfailingly surly law enforcement officers.

Will endeavour to stay out of trouble.  

As we crawled along the A45, I had predicted that we would start with Brown and Austin in midfield and adopt a 'no-nonsense' approach, and I wasn't disappointed.
The first half was like 'Land of The Giants'. 6ft 8in Smith v 6ft 9in Zigic. Taking it in turns to hoof the ball in the general direction of their heads and hoping for a lucky bounce.
Occasionally the ball would fall to earth and a scrum of midfielders would chase the it around like schoolboys in a playground. When the ball eventually emerged, then the whole process would start again.

The first half was utter shite. Two teams without a single spark of creativity and no plan beyond hoping for a mistake by the opposition or a favourable decision from the ref.

Smith was actually winning quite a lot in the air. It made no difference as every header was directed exactly where McCormack wasn't.
The midfield were as poor as I've seen them. They passed the ball like it was a live hand grenade. Not one of them showed any inclination to get forward and support.

McD must have said something at half time, as we started the second half with a bit more energy, if not expertise. We still were generating few clear openings, and when we did, then the final ball was wasted.
McD replaced Murphy (although tbh it could have been any of them) with Mowatt, and almost immediately we started to play a bit. It's shocking that the only midfielder we have who is capable of holding the ball and playing men in is a callow youth. His presence just emphasised the mediocrity of the rest of the midfield.

The first goal came from a rare quality cross from Tonge and a perfectly placed header from Smith. Virtually from the restart, we broke down the right. Their defence was all over the place any one from three of our players could have scored. Pugh got there first and took it well.

For twenty minutes, we played some decent football. Even the much-maligned (by me anyway) Austin and Brown had a spring in their step and were looking for a third. It came via another poor bit of defending - a weak cross from McCormack deflected into their goal.

By this time the Bluenoses were leaving in droves, and this seemed to spur the opposition into action. They brought on a decent player (ex Man U judging by the reaction) who scored almost immediately and they made life a bit uncomfortable for us in the last 10 minutes.

Mowatt got injured in injury time. There was enough paramedics on the pitch to man A&E at the LGI. I was surprised the Air Ambulance didn't arrive. Haven't heard anything about the injury, so hoping he's made a miraculous recovery.

Birmingham are the worst side I've seen in the division. They thoroughly deserve relegation if that's how they play at home. Zigic is a twat. He cost them 6m. He could moan for Britain if he wasn't Serbian.

Pearce had another good game, and Pugh wasn't bad either, but the defence wasn't asked too many questions as they had no runners from midfield to deal with. Lees's passing makes Fraser Richardson's look like Andrea Pirlo. Him and Rudi on the right didn't exactly put the fear of god into their defence.

Smith triumphed in the battle of the giants, but there doesn't seem to be much to his game apart from winning in the air.

The players came over and thanked the fans at the end of the game, but McD walked straight off. Maybe this is of no significance, but Benito Carbone was apparently at the game as well.

Waccoe were on form. A few new chants. Great atmosphere pre-match in the concourse. Beer fights, volleyball, lots of pork pie hats, about 50 gladiators, the Emperor Nero and a pantomime horse.
All in all a better than expected day out.
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

Cheers FC! Good write up - thanks

Beer fights? Stay classy Leeds!
Late Doors

Cheers fc, entertaining reading even if the game wasn't. Seems ridiculous to criticise the front two for not working together given the goals they have scored but they don't. Horrible place there, will only ever go again if there's anything riding on it.

My man on the terraces has just pointed out that Smith is 6ft 6in not 6ft 8in. Thanks for that.  

It is indeed a horrible place LD. At least this time the policing was a bit more low key.
smiling badger

Thanks for the reportage FC.
Is it really such a horrible place?

Frazier Cranium

I find a minimum of 4 pints of ale before kick off does help numb the pain.

* wonders if Leeds players drinking 4 pints before kick off is ethical or even legal *
smiling badger

* wonders if Leeds players drinking 4 pints before kick off is ethical or even legal *[/quote]

Prolly do bloody wonders compared to them playing like they are when sober!

Brummies still drink Brew XI - the worst and weakest beer ever brewed.

It's about 2.3% proof and smells like a recently opened packet of monkey nuts. Give them a pint of Taylor's and they'd be all over the shop. Forum Index -> Leeds
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