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twas good, twas very good.. http://leechapmanssofa.wordpress....any-puts-blue-noses-out-of-joint/
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Thinking managers are always the best. The trouble is that since Wilko we have had Managers who think they are thinkers but who are really tinkerers. All of them from dol to larry have employed formations that simply defy belief. I have deliberately omitted Warnock from this span as for all his faults i do not believe he saw himself as a great thinker or tactician. At least i think so anyway.

There is something about our man now Brian Mc that exhumes thoughtfulness. When you see us lining up with a 3-5-2 you believe it has been researched planned explained practised and implemented for reasons other than it works for man u or barca

Surprisingly brum did not start with that big twat zidic up front who has caused us big problems in the past.

We had Warnock and Byram operating in the wide roles, the roles that decide if the 3-5-2 is going to work. That and of course the opposition's ability to break quickly down the wings and get others forward. Thankfully both"fullbacks" were excellent particularly Warnock and brum were poor in defence and attack. That said they also had chances at every stage of the game and until we went four up a goal for them would have hurt us
Smith proved very useful as well, not only for his height that he used well but also for his intelligent running and positioning.

Brilliant to see three home grown kids as well all contributing maturely and often more than competently. With the addition of Wooton and Chadwick plus others i don't think our weaknesses lie with not enough youth coming through. We have some terrific young talent.

Think it is fair to say that routine finishing is not Ross's core skill he could and should have had a hat trick at least. Thoroughly deserved his goal though, the lad has terrific spirit

Young Mowatt gave a bad clearance away that almost proved very costly. Previous managers have dealt with such matters disgracefully but its ok for internet 'ackers to mention it.

The  thing is 3-5-2 aint going to work every time and has to be thoughtfully applied against specific opposition. Play it on Saturday and we will get roasted Forum Index -> Leeds
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