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British Justice

Watched one of those 24 hours in police custody last night.

Case 1:

Scrote - the sort you'd like to twat. Attacked his partner then attacked girl who lived next door. She rings police. He's arrested. Known to police. In interview he says 'no comment' to anything. Goes to court. Two women don't turn up. Case thrown out.

Case 2:

Sort of lad who you'd play footie with and have a beer. been out at a wedding do all day with wife, both are pissed. They have a row and he accuses her of having an affair so he pisses off home. She turns up an hour later and they argue. they are in the kitchen and he picks a knife up and at about a distance of 4ft (wife agrees) he shouts 'I will fucking kill you if you've had an affair'. She rings police. He is arrested (cam footage shows he wasn't aggressive or anything). He gets interviewed and says 'yes I've been a tit, yes I waived the knife around, but come on this goes on all the time'. He'd never been in trouble before.

Wife gets in touch and says she doesn't want to press charges, Jobs worth copper says it's out of her hands now and because he has admitted he will take it further. Makes sure it goes to court where he gets 758 fine and done for common assault. And in the time it went to court he couldn't see his wife.

Motto: NO COMMENT!!! The truth will get you in trouble.

footnote: scrotes partner left him, other bloke is back with wife.
Plastic Man

With an employee like Eddie on the payroll,  I could not otherwise be aware that he has, "a top rate brief", namely "Mr 'No Comment' Teflon".

A chap at Rotary has previously warned that one in responsible/ professional positions should always seek legal advice if accused of anything. They should definitely not simply accept a police caution, on the assumption that it is the easy way out, and to avoid the hassle.

Many employers/ professional bodies take accepatance of a police caution as an automatic acceptance of guilt for a crime (with all the ramifications), not a "let bygones be bygones" approach that it may be presented as being. Forum Index -> Life in the fish bowl
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