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Brighton home

I was going to start this with 'There was only one winner, and that was the ref'. However this is plainly nonsense.
'There were only two winners, one was Brighton and the other was the ref'.

No - still doesn't sound right.

He was appalling though. The only time he spoke to the players was when he booked them or sent them off. This was run-of-the-mill Championship thud and blunder. There were few bad challenges, and his sending off of three players ruined the game.

I suspect BMc will be having a few words with 'the lads' tonight. Three moments of madness lost us a game we should have won.

Lees's backpass for the first goal was terrible. Woefully short. It seemed to affect his confidence and he never looked comfortable on the ball after that.

Austin was bundled off the ball, and decided to seek immediate retribution, off the ball and in front of the ref. A more circumspect approach would have served him better.

Diouf, after scoring, ran 50m to exchange pleasantries with the Brighton fans, and received a second yellow for his efforts.

It took us a while to regroup after Austin's sending off, but once we did, I thought we looked the better side and deserved at least a draw.

Once Diouf had gone though, there were too many wide open spaces and tired legs.
We conceded immediately after Brown had come on as sub. Again. Maybe it was a coincidence.  

McDermott clearly wants the team to play football. Problem is that he has inherited a squad for whom that is only a memory. Good luck to him. There is much work still to be done, but cause for optimism.
Frazier Cranium

I've seen the Austin incident since, FC, and genuinely I would have been riled at a yellow card never mind being sent off, lousy decision by the ref, it didn't even look like he raised his elbow, forget about slamming the player in the face as I believe was the alleged crime.

Bad second goal too, too easy for them but ourt lads looked knackered.  Great day though, aside from the football.
smiling badger

Like, FC said pretty much. Bloody ,woefull defending for their first goal for them but we did seem unlucky not to get a draw at least.

I have been told (by a largely unreliable source) that Diouf grabbed his lunchbox and started to jiggle it about for the enjoyment of the Brighton fans.
Can anyone confirm?
Robert Robinson

Didn't quite catch it, but the rumours of his crime went from a mild case of dissent to whipping his old man out and ejaculating all over the Brighton supporters.
I feared Austin was off as soon as I saw the fellow go down, but it was so early in the game you'd expect a little more leniency.
smiling badger

We are apealling Austins red card apparently..
Diouf just grabbed his bits, think running the length of the pitch to do so was silly. Forum Index -> Leeds
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