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Bridget Christie. West Yorkshire Playhouse

Not often the Playhouse is full of almost exclusively women but the courtyard was last night. I've only ever read her very funny columns in the Gaurdian so had no problem agreeing to MrsD's suggestion we go see her live.

There's no avoiding the F word here but "feminism" seems to be a label given to any female artist that falls between sex symbol and submissive idiot, something that Bridget herself also alluded to  in her 90 minute show. First and foremost she is a very funny and creative stand up comedian. She saturates her act with left wing substance and feminism is one of the elements. Personally I feel a little irrelevant to the whole feminist issue. Of course I want equality of choice, opportunity, income and respect for women but I also want the same for all races, religions and all classes of people. In any case the feminist cause is being more than capably taken up by some of the most brilliantly intelligent funny and creative people around, and they are all women.

I'm taking the show purely on comedic grounds and it was highly entertaining, thought provoking and very funny. Alternating from self effacing swipes like her being a King Charles 2nd lookalike and lightweight feminist to full on assaults on Tory cuts, media idiots and institutionalised discrimination she also embellishes proceedings with her warmth and  personality. Her take on right wing comedians as well as being hilarious also resonated with me given our recent chats on here. I wish I could be half as funny and pertinent as her when trying to make a point.

Of course I couldn't help myself and said to MrsD on the way out that I didn't realise she was so fit as well. Regretfully my attempt at post modern irony wasn't fully appreciated by the lady next to her. Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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