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Late Doors

Brentford Home

Got well beaten down there I seem to remember and they are a strong side seemingly going places. We have  reasons to be optimistic  though. I d like to see us start the same as last week with Morrison up front with options to bring other strikers on later. If he gets the support from midfield like he did in the first twenty minutes last week we should score, at least.  Bamba should make a difference, he's up a against a bit of a handful from what I've seen on telly with the Brentford Forwards. wouldn't be dissapointed with a 442 start though
Late Doors

Sometimes you have to take it on the chin when you've been beaten by a better side. As long as your team don't stop trying and give it their best it hurts but its fair enough. That's what happened on Saturday for me anyway. It's to our credit that we came close to grabbing an equaliser but we were second best all over the park. I can't fault Redders for the formation at home, how could he leave Billy out?  Maybe we could have got something with a different game plan but it's all ifs and buts. We have  a few more importantly winnable games coming up.

Quite a bit about the crap ref doing the rounds. He was indeed a shithouse given us absolutely nothing but it looked to me like he got the big decisions in the box right.

Got a bit concerned about our new CH going wunderlusting leaving us light at the back but then again Brentford were very quick on the break.
The new centre forward came on late in the game and yeah he looked like he could be a use full addition. Our biggest challenge is permeating the correct players with the right system for the immediate opposition.

Oh and our Kirklees friends did us a favour as well.
Frazier Cranium

Agree with all that, LD.  Someone swears to me that Austin was fouled in the area at the South Stand end.  Also, the handball in the build up to the goal could easily have been given.

Yes, Bamba is a bit too over confident, we said that in the first minute of the game and he proved us right a few times.

Para bailar La Bamba
Se necessita una poca de gracia
Una poca de gracia
Para mi, para ti, ay arriba, ay arriba
smiling badger

Ref sounded a cunt going by other reports that ive read. Even though Austin sounded that he was trying a bit too hard for the odd penalty.
Hand ball before their goal was a defo by all accounts too.
Robert Robinson

It's hard to be impartial, but I was four rows back from that tackle and I was up out of my seat screaming at the ref - which isn't really my style being a reserved gentleman.
My friend nearly threw his glasses at him.
I wondered if he was struggling to keep up. He does look around 80. Forum Index -> Leeds
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