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Wow, did not expect that and what a time to pull a result like that out of the bag. As soon as i heard the line up of a five man midfield and Morrison up front i thought we had a chance. It's our best formation with the players we have especially against the quality sides. As long as the defence is firm and the midfield work hard we can compete  with anybody in this league and boy did the midfield work hard. I must admit i thought Austin and Murphy were the wrong way round but they proved me wrong. Austin was immense only making one ridiculous shot. His ball carrying and short distribution was faultless and his closing down of the opposition even better.

Bournemouth are a very good side, fast and skilful. How the hell had that happened? I can't help it. It pisses me off royally that a club like that can operate at that level. Good on them, i don't begrudge it but why the chuff can we not find similar resources, similar financial backing and similar plans. Chuff me it's only a matter of a few million, that's all they have done and got themselves some quality players and a manager on a naff all base. Fecking galling, that's all.

Anyway we rode our luck but no more than what had deserted us in the last few games. More than that we had them worried. Again with better finishing and final ball decision making we could have bagged another couple.

Every one played their hearts out and cook was simply outstanding. Young Charley held his own but the whole squad was all i want from a Leeds team. I say again there is nothing wrong with their attitude and work rate. The signs have been there these last few games, we are so close to being a very decent side

How they didn't score is beyond me but we've been getting better over the past three games, the diamond has gone and everyone seems to be giving 100%. Actually tipped a home win on twitter. Sometimes you feel it. Hopefully a lot of Leeds fans made a few quid with those generous odds on offer last night. And 17k, that's our true hardcore I reckon.

Two out of the top three toppled at fortress ER. Why can't we beat the shit teams?

Let's hope Murphy retains his mojo.
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

Forgot they were playing and was like a school kid when i heard the result and watched the goal after 10pm
Frazier Cranium

i am quite proud to say that I have attended every Leeds win so far this season
smiling badger

Same here forgot that they were playing until i got a txt saying we had won by a goal. Topped off an already good night. Was beaming from ear to ear from the result.
What is it with Austin? Either pretty shit or shit hot.
Just so schizophrenic as a footballer.
Glad to hear that they as a team all pulled their weight and did their bit.
Thanks for the report LD. Forum Index -> Leeds
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