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Late Doors

Born To Kill, Channel 4

Troubling and very disturbing . Last part of 4 this Thursday so maybe on catch up if you aren't already into it. Gripping and brilliant Every one of the cast is superb especially The Sam part (Jack Rowan) and Daniel Mays as Bill . The latter doesn't seem to know how to play a part any other way, he's brilliant in everything I've seen him in and the Former puts in an avalanche of a show. Maybe one or two holes in Hospital protocol for the more reality demanding amongst us.


Rowan is first class, and the Hospital protocol is daft but I too have enjoyed this. Great interaction within the relationship between Sam and Chrissy, two seemingly lost souls.

The mum is good too but not keen on Daniel Mays as Bill, does the director ask him to aim for 'blithering'? The star for me though is belligerent Gran, she is of course Sam's next target, watch out Sam, she's a rum lass.

Worth a watch. Forum Index -> Fishual Entertainment
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