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Born in the Wild

I watched Sundays episode about Urang Utans. Pretty run of the mill until the presenter Mark Evans (who looks like he should have been in a 70's kids TV show) started getting very excited about what he was watching in the tree tops.

There was Mr & Mrs Utan together in the tree tops clearly thinking about having a bit of nookie. Then suddenly Mr Utan starts wanking and Evans gets really excited shouting 'wow just look at that he's masturbating, I've not seen that before'. Then when he'd done with his hand he made a bee line for his bird (the Urang utan that is and not the presenter) to which Evans remarks 'just look at the erection on that'.

But in typical scientific fashion they tried to dampen the amour by playing the calling sound of a dominant Urang Utan expecting the male to shit himself and run away leaving the female to the dominant male. Well as soon as it was played the male looks up, looks around then starts wanking again and gives his bird another one. Evans says 'well I wasn't expecting that'.

Wonderful thing nature you know.

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