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Boogie Woogie Twins

I've always had that little soft spot for someone tinkering on a piano playing a spot of boogie woogie. There's something about that sound that I love.

Anyway I've just acquired a new telly (a warranty replacement) and it has got Youtube built in. So the other night I was searching for concerts I'd been to like Smiths, New Order, Echo, Buzzcocks et al at Gmex in 86 followed by bands I'd seen in the New Roscoe and Duck & Drake like the Prowlers and loads of others when I started to get a bit nostalgic. Out came Janis Joplin and Me and Bobby McGee followed by a few other versions of it by the prolific Kris Kristofferson (who wrote it by the way). He even sung it in front of Obama.

Then I remembered Boogie Woogie so searched for that. Awesome. Especially the Boogie Woogie Twins clip featuring our very own Jools Holland and Dr John with dual pianos. Search for it.

I'd love to be able to play Boogie Woogie Piano

Love it. I'm a massive fan of Jerry Lee Lewis but there is so much good stuff from New Orleans. Do a YT search for Professor Longhair and it will come up with his stuff and a shitload of other NO artists.

I once went to New Orleans looking for that sound. Went in Tipitinas (home of the Neville Brothers) and it was a funk night. Went to Jimmies, another blues place, and it was a thrash metal night.

Did find a brilliant shack which was a blues bar in some dodgy down town area. Some ancient black piano player on a piano which looked older then him who was awesome

I play the piano very badly. Boobie-woogie is very difficult - like trying to create a one man wall of sound.

Like Heyho says, Jools Holland is brilliant. Effortless. Hugh Laurie isn't bad either.
Late Doors

Yep, Jump, Jive, Swing,Boogie woogie  to me is simply the perfect good time music. Love it Kevin Keegan Style.
The brilliantly named German Axel Zwingenberger is my favourite and the videos are always good for a laugh as well

cop a load of this as well, amazing, if this doesn't do it for you id see a doctor
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