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Late Doors

Bolton (h) 201 /14

Last home game seems an awful long time ago. Decent show last week (by all accounts). Prozone reports saying Kebe is the best player on the pitch. Ross and Rudy back from international duties. Bolton in free scoring mode just recently despite their poor season overall. Does Beckford play for this lot still?


Expecting LD to reappear about Wednesday with post traumatic stress syndrome. Even gout may be preferable to watching a tonking like that.  
Sir Bulldog Craggwood

grown men were seen walking up to police begging them to beat them unconscious

Who's the current favourite to be the new manager then?

Given recent seasons' events - it would need to be Dynamo.

Can't remember giving
Less of a damn about the fortunes of LUFC
Late Doors

So many managers, so much support for them, even the unpopular ones Wise and Warnock.  All of them different, yet all of them the same. All of them proven football people but none of them seemingly capable of turning this thing around. Like the Three Legs, destined to forever return to type no matter how many refurbs.

I genuinely thought BMcD would be the man. Give him time and resource and he could do it. The doubts set in at Hillsborough and are now fully anchored in. I think i made some captain Ahab and winger analogy after the Hillsborough fiasco and by crikey it was clear to all on Saturday the lad is no reader. Truly diabolical management on show. His despondent post match capitulation about nerves was utter garbage. Fans can only contribute so much to a players confidence, sometimes the player has to take charge Brian. In any case it doesn't matter what we think. Snr Cellino was watching and there is no more certainly on this earth about the very short term outcome of this particular chairman manager relationship. Personally i am saddened about that but fuck me someone has to take this club by the scruff of the neck.

A pleasant 90 minutes in the Adelphi preceded one of the Most insipid 90 minutes at ER yet endured and I'm sure you can imagine that is up against some serious competition.

Bathed in early  spring sunshine the nearly 29000 crowd had every right to anticipate the game untill Lee Peltier issued his statement of intent by clearing straight to a Bolton Player. It was to commence possibly the worst 45 minute full back display I've ever seen at ER and again some serious contenders over the years can claim otherwise. Seriously, what the fuck is the problem with most full backs at our club? Lee Peltier is rated highly in some quarters. He cant possibly be a bad player having made it this far yet his touch, positioning, composure and distribution were more like those of a pin ball buffer but without the nuisance value. Staggeringly bad made worse with the link up problems he and Kebe were incapable of resolving between them. Christ i am getting angry just typing this and yet throughout the game there was no anger, just a nullifying self imposed immunity from this fucking anguish and torment these bastards throw at us.

Bolton cut in from the clearance and scuffed the shot wide. From the restart  we actually put some good work in, Ross taking down well, a shot cleared, good work from Warnock and a good. Kebe cross raised hopes before another wayward Peltier pass found touch. The same player wasted a great position moments later with another poor ball and Bolton broke far too easily. It ended with a routine save but it was enough to produce jitters already about our set up. Austin took my mind momentarily off things by blasting a shot that actually looked like it was on target before the block foiled the moment. Cameron Jerome produced an excellent touch to feed wide before Murphy curled a shot just over but we seemed incapable of producing anything in the box. Ross cut in outside the box to scuff a shot to the keeper immediately after a Bolton attack as the game attained a mid table motion feel. Kebe was back defending well moments before receiving a dreadful ball that brought moans when it went astray despite it not being his fault.

"Useless c*" pieman sarcastically said and attracted a few bites despite the laughs. More defending was required before Murphy brought the ball away but unfortunately found Peltier who gave Kebe an even worse pass than before. "Kebe yer c***" shouted pieman to clarify the joke to the slow.

The only class on display was Cameron Jerome who again produced a great touch to feed Ross before... and I kid you not, Peltier just fell over on the ball completely unchallenged, totally unbelievable, i certainly could not believe what i was seeing.

Meanwhile Kebe was doing more defending and we cleared eventually finding Warnock in space with time. He chose a shot and blasted way over. Back came Bolton into our box and a more cynical player would have taken a tumble for a penalty appeal that could easily have been given before we broke clear with Ross on the ball forcing a throw then a corner as the half drew to a close. Just as our entire team stopped, claiming the ball had gone out, then for an offside Bolton tucked the ball past the keeper to make bad worse and 0-1 down at half time.
Peltier didn't make the second half unsurprisingly replaced by Sam. Just as we were agreeing the game could still be won Bolton sent a free kick into the box for a straightforward header to make it 0-2. Moments later another defensive fuckupfest led to it being 0-3 to annihilate the earlier confidence and had us contemplating the exit.

Cameron Jerome momentarily lifted the crowd with some great skill before a free kick that Ross curled just wide signalled a double subbing. Both wingers leaving with kebe particularly receiving a cringeworthy if possibly a justifiably brutal send off by the crowd.

Well we tried, particularly young Sam down the right. A possible hand ball claim, a cut in and shot from Sam, another blocked Rudy shot all might have got us a goal back but it was Bolton who claimed the next strike. A fast dangerous ball into our box and we were 0-4 down.
I looked across at BMcD on the touchline. He's a gonner i sighed as hundreds steamed down the aisle.

Again we tried, especially down the right. Smith put a header over but it was hopeless. We left on 86 m it was that bad. By the time we had reached our lift back it was 5-1.

Another landmark game i think, we seem totally entrenched in failure. Everything we do reverts to shit, even the good things dissolve. It will take something extraordinary, something maverick, something different. datum perficiemus munos Snr Cellino

Great report LD.

Now we must wait for that bastion of the football establishment, Shaun Harvey, to deliberate on M Cellino's suitability as an owner before we get a new manager.

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