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Late Doors

Bolton Away

First away game of the season for me. Its usualy a good day out. This time MDM is driving so it'll be steady. Might even remember some match details. Wonder if we will go 442
Frazier Cranium

Yeah I reckon so.  Have a good day!
Late Doors

well we did

I can't remember the last time i left a Leeds United game without thinking what a load of shite that was. Managed it on Saturday though. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't brilliant but it wasn't utter shite either.

Had a couple in the bland but perfectly acceptable royal oak first before the twenty minute saunter down to the Reebok or whatever the chuff it is these days. Bugger me it was the grimest, quietest Bolton fans i have ever seen. Things ate not good for the trotters it seems. If it wasn't for the 4000 whites in both tiers behind the goal you wouldn't know a game had started.

442 was a good start. 451 will be ok in certain games but not Bolton away. We looked good, composed and confident for the first ten minutes but Bolton got on top exploiting our profligacy with the ball and uncertainty at the back leaving gaps where bodies should be.

Dallas looked slow, not showing for balls and not occupying any certain position. Cooper was clearing a lot of balls and Mirco was attempting silly passes. No one seemed to be linking up with Sam who had the length of the right wing to himself sometimes but we were unable to exploit that.
We went close after a corner but So did Bolton, twice. Only desperate blocking prevented them taking the lead after one attack.

At the other end Wood also missed what looked like a point blank chance. Inevitably though we conceded with you know who the chief culprit flapping at a cross and needlessly giving away a corner. It was awful slow defending again in that position in front if defence. More about that later.

Second half was better. Murphy went off, Mowatt on and Adeyemi  pushed further up. To me that was the pivotal move. I don't think we need that "Batty" role with the deep lying holding midfielder, at least not in these type of games. It causes confusion and i think we can trust cooper and Bamba to own that area between then. Ok they may not be world class but i think having a midfielder too close to them makes them dither. Plus i don't think Adeyemi  is all that good in that position anyway. He was much better further up where he was at least distributing ok. But alas our overall passing was dreadful. Stupid short first-time Tick tacky attempts when what was needed was holding and simple balls. Even Lewis Cook was as guilty as anyone.

However, we got back into the game especially when the hitherto unimpressive Buckley came on for the  ineffectual Dallas. We started putting pressure on them wide and through the middle. Buckley actually put in a couple of very good crosses but Berardi couldn't supplement his capable defending with anything similar on the other wing.  The keeper tipped a goal bound Adeyemi  shot onto the post and after Antenucci  finished his own stumbling run into the box with the converted penalty the game was ours to be won.

Never that simple though is it. The sending off only inspired Bolton and  it was they who took the initiative and only for the last five minutes did we look like we wanted to win the game. We weren't smart or brave enough and the game ended a less than satisfactory draw.

Still, two draws away from home, both coming from behind shouldn't be disappointing. A win on Thursday will top the two away points off well. What could possibly go wrong.

thanks LD.

Bolton tops my Lancashire shithole league. Followed by Blackburn and Burnley. Forum Index -> Leeds
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