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Bolton Away

*Sees it but doesnt even open the R Word thread*

Just a hour's drive for us to the ground at Bolton. I like the stadium, possibly my favourite of all those new " knock 'em up in the middle of nowhere put a Brewer's Fayre next to it and call the road to it after one if your black n white legends" affairs. Very quite though, as seems to be the norm these days. Again it was the huge away support making the noise in both lower and upper tiers.

Antenucci finally rested and it looked like we were using Morrison as a lone front man supported by a packed 5 man midfield. We started incredibly well, putting Bolton on the back foot straight away with strategic pressing, picking every loose ball up and completely overwhelming them in our final third. The penalty was obvious and Morrison could and should have made it two with a clear header that was saved well but he made it easy for the keeper. I've seen keeper's sent off for fouls that led to the penalty. Although i don't like it the lad should have gone, it was a clear scoring opportunity denied.

It isn't often when i think we have the better of the home team but Bolton looked very ordinary. Their main objective seemed to be to clatter Rudy at every opportunity. He took two dreadful tackles. I was left to ponder what would be the outcome if it was our keeper and our fouls.

Nevertheless we continued to dominate but here's the rub. We simply cannot convert great possession and positions into clinical final balls and finishing.

So inevitably we couldn't keep the early dominance up and Bolton put us under a bit of pressure. We coped fairly well but our midfield became fragmented. I thought Cook became too forward almost like a second striker and unfortunately became stuck in no man's land. Still, one nil up at half time away is no bad thing.

Bolton upped their ante in the second half but again we handled it well. Their equaliser obviously buoyed them on and again our keeper errored that led to the penalty. One thing our team has got this year is a stronger mentality. We could have caved in but we didn't. We continued our measured possession. In fact with better finishing we could easily have wrapped the game up. Murphy was set up well but hit a weak shot wide and Sam was fouled by the keeper when put through.

Throughout the game Murphy was excellent, probably the best game he's had. Strong, brave and distributed well. Morrison was always available and put a few good flicks on but alas no one was around to collect them. If Morrison could be a touch more aggressive and had a little more desire he could be a real asset for us.

Sam was industrious and brought the ball forward well but too many times his end ball was poor. Berardi defended well but brought no attacking options at all. Cook had a poor game despite what our coach says. I think he is trying to justify his postioniong of him, caught between two positions and unable to use the ball at all frequently taking the wrong option when in possession. Sloth did well but wasn't challenged which should have left him with space to attack and get forward which he didn't do enough of. Same could be said of Charley. The one chance Sloth did get to shoot in the box he scooped a poor shot way over. Rudy was strong and contained himself to do the simple things well which is his strength when he decides not to try anything clever.

The lads at the back coped with a poor home attack and at the end i thought we blew two points rather than gained one.
smiling badger

Been waiting to hear a fans view on this game. Knowing that we were a goal up at half time but then the final score told me otherwise.. Wondered if we just dropped our heads like many other games but going by your report it seems not so.
Thanks for the report that man.
Frazier Cranium

I think it's a promising result, Bolton have won 6 and drawn one of their previous 7 home games.  If we beat B'ham on Sat then yesterday's result looks good, to me.

Hopeful I am, and that makes a pleasant change over recent weeks!

Thanks LD. Not a bad result, but we need to improve as a few of the other stragglers are starting to pick up points.

I'd try playing Byram as an attacking midfielder and give Rudi a go at full back. But what do i know. Forum Index -> Leeds
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