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Body Language

One of my neighbours was talking at me about this last night.

He usually talks shite but this time i think he has a point.

If you are a true competitor, you should never show that you're in pain, frightened or beaten.

Too many footballers look defeated when they walk on the pitch. Head down, shoulders slumped, staring at their boots.

And that's before they start playing. We've all seen players who you just had to look at to know they weren't in the mood. Our very own ex goal machine J Beckford was a classic example. Rooney is another. If he's off form or the team isn't performing, then he loses interest and starts moaning at the ref and then kicking people.

The discussion started as a result of a Terry v Ferdinand debate. Ferdinand - probably a better footballer, but gives off negative waves. Terry (or JT as i believe he prefers to be known) - always looks like he means business.

Strangely enough, the two players we regarded as role models were Shearer and Lineker. Both of whom got a lot of stick, but never let it affect them.

I'd have thought the most frightening thing to a CB if you really try to hurt some one, is to see them get up, shake your hand, smile and sprint away waiting for the next through ball/cross.

I'm not sure where this is going now, if anywhere. So I'll stop.

Best thread ever, loving where it's going
Late Doors

Never better demonstrated than before penalties in a shoot out. Batty, Southgate, Waddle, you knew they were going to miss by just looking at them but you look at the Jormans all focused and determined Forum Index -> All other football
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