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Bobby Collins RIP

RIP a fantastic Leeds United footballer and leader, a wee man in height, a great man in stature .     Has been ill for a long time but still very sad news.

Too bad. Apparently he was ace. RIP.
smiling badger

RIP, Mr Collins, true ex Leeds great.

RIP Bob.

Saw him play, tough as old boots with no little ability. I often thought BB may have had something to thank him for.

For our younger viewers.

Footballer of the Year, forgot about that.

Too young to remember him playing  

One of Revie's first signings and one of the most significant.

Career effectively ended by a terrible tackle in a Eufa cup game that broke his thigh.

RIP Bobby

Mentioned it before on here that Bobby Collins once fell on me, I will treasure that memory.

RIP Bobby

lucky he was quite a small chap
Late Doors

Never saw him play, he was a name my dad used to mention and  in the magazine we used to get. At that age i just liked all football and Leeds  being my dads favourite team were naturally mine as well.

its only when you read things about Revie and the era that you learn what a huge significance and catalyst he was .  RIP

fartcatcher wrote:
lucky he was quite a small chap

A giant of a man to Foz.  

RIP fella Forum Index -> Leeds
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