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Blindfaller - Mandolin Orange

The tiny pic of this stunning album cover above its review grabbed my attention in an edition of Mojo. Now, I'm a sucker for a mandolin at the best of times but to feature the instrument in the band name made me think this could be game-on re purchasing this particular long-player.

Further research informed me that they have a few other albums before this one but thought why not start with this. There are many accomplished and fantabulous contemporary bluegrass groups but these really stand out to me. Both Emily Frantz and Andrew Marlin are excellent singers whose voices tick the proverbial boxes for what you would expect from a band from North Carolina. Emily and Andrew's voice's are going to be a part of the soundtrack my summer. Sometimes you can just tell these things! Top record! The song called 'Wildfire' is  my current earworm and it's on heavy rotation in the car. Check it out on that there YouTube.........I know you won't.

Late Doors

Yes i will, sounds ace, never heard of them before, cheers sounds right up my alley
Late Doors

Indeed it is

ace lyrics as well btw and a tad scary given the current times

I was born a southern son
In a small southern town where the rebels run wild
They beat their chest and they swear: we're gonna rise again

It should have been different, it could have been easy
The day that old Warren died, hate should have gone with it
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